FloppyGIS is a Windows application. It's a free, compact, Shapefile Viewer

Also, it supports geo-referenced images (ESRI  World File Format Header file needed).



 Sample image from main screen



 Layer Prperties


Field Properties


About Box contains one single executable file called FloppyGIS.exe (it doesn't need any installation!!!).

The first time you run the application, two directories are created in the application folder (new directories are: Projects and Images).

You can test the application with three sample maps included in



Download FloppyGIS!


You can download FloppyGIS v1.0 for free. I am developing 

software in my free time, so if you find this application useful, 

donate in: PayPal  (



Click here to download FloppyGIS v.1.0.

Click here to download Sample Maps


FloppyGIS is free.



Contact Information


Lazaros Dinakis

Surveying Engineer

M.Sc. in GIS

PhD Candidate (Cloud GIS technologies)