Northward bound after exiting the GWB in Fort Lee

At right is a photo of a ghost bike that cyclists on 9W may notice en route to Lamont from points south. It is situated on the east side of the route in Alpine, a short distance north of a microwave tower disguised as a tree, and may be marked by a traffic cone. Like other ghost bikes, it is a memorial, in this case to a cyclist who was hit from behind by an automobile and who died from his injuries. (More information is here.) This is a sobering reminder of the risks involved in cycling, and may motivate a preference for the Henry Hudson Drive, where traffic is light and vehicle speeds slower. It is also a reminder of the importance of visibility, by day, night or dusk.

One factor leading to driver distraction (NY Times, Jul 18, 2009).
Another article: "U.S. Withheld Data Showing Risks of Distracted Driving" (NY Times).
The series in which the above articles appear.

Biking to Lamont from NYC: Some tips

* Bike should be in good mechanical condition, including tires, brakes, drive train, shifters.
* Good idea to carry a patch kit, spare tube, tire levers, pump, maybe a few other basic tools.
* Cell phone could be valuable in case of a flat or accident.
* Sunglasses (clear lenses when it's darker) also protect against airborne particles and insects.
* Carry water, especially when it's hot!
* The climb from HHD up to Rte 9W is fairly steep (7% grade for about a mile), so a nice low gear could be helpful.
* Rte 9W, especially the more southerly portions, has lots of traffic, including big trucks. Be careful!
* Cyclists have been given citations for both descending Dyckman Hill Rd. and running the red light at 9W and PIP exit 4. A word to the wise...
* Use lights when necessary. "Blinkies" are inexpensive and can be seen from a distance. After dark, stronger lights may be required.
* Helmets are required on the HHD, recommended elsewhere.

Speaking of the HHD...

Cycling rules!

It's nice to see such enthusiasm...
(as posted on the Henry Hudson Drive.)

Bicycle awareness for motorists (thanks to A. Curtis)

Keep your children indoors! (Or at least protect your wi-fi.) Agent of the Master Snoop spotted in Washington Heights, along the bike route

from the greenway to the bridge, April 30, 2012. No one is safe now!

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