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A potential hazard

This is the view looking northward, at the intersection of Riverside Drive and the screened-in crossover that provides access to the Hudson River Greenway, a block or so to the north of 181st St. An uninformed or careless cyclist might be tempted to ride straight ahead, right down the ramp, but this would be a grave error -- the ramp leads onto the West Side Highway, not to the Greenway. We have seen cyclists on this stretch of the highway (where the speed limit is 50 mph and there is no bicycle lane) more than once, so it is not merely a conjecture that such an error might occur. Don't do this!

Note the Greenway sign on the lamppost at right. It shows a left-pointing arrow, which in this picture has been carelessly obscured by, of all things, a sheet providing directions for a charity bicycle ride, that had taken place a week earlier. The obscuring sheet has since been removed, but the Greenway sign is nevertheless easy to miss, even though the screened overpass seems quite obvious. The cyclist in the picture is taking the correct route, via the crossover to the path visible at far left center of the photo. This path (the Greenway) is physically separated from the highway.

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