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Finding the northern terminus of the Hudson River Greenway in Inwood (See discussion below.)

New York City bicycle maps, also routing information, are available here (NYC Department of Transportation). Google maps now also includes bicycle routing.

NYC to Lamont

side of the Hudson

Accessing the GWB from the north: A nice, traffic-minimal way to reach the bridge from points north is via the Hudson River Greenway, which runs alongside the West Side Highway up to Riverside Dr., in Inwood (see map and description further down the page). Just north of 181st St. a crossover (blue marker on map at right) provides access to Riverside Drive. Turn-by-turn directions from there to the south walkway entrance (red marker) are provided on a larger map. Connection must be modified slightly on the return trip, to take account of one-way streets. Take note of a potential hazard, approaching the crossover from 181st St..

When the south walkway is closed (check HHD, GWB status for updates), find the north walkway entrance (green marker) on W 179th St. near Cabrini. Blvd. The north walkway crossing includes about ten flights of stairs (photo below). Welded U-channels permit the bike to be wheeled, rather than carried, up and down the steps. Only one of the two walkways is open at any given time; the cyclist does not have a choice.

"There would be one long staircase just going up,
And one even longer coming down,
And one more leading nowhere, just for show."
                   --Tevye, in Fiddler on the Roof,

West Side Greenway from Inwood to 181st St.       
To find the Greenway entrance in Inwood, refer to picture at top of this page, which shows the view looking to the northwest at Riverside Drive and Staff St. (green marker in map at right). Telltale Greenway signs, on poles marked by the three rightmost red dots, point the way. (Hint: You will not see the red dots in reality -- they are only on the photograph.) Just beyond the underpass, at a point marked by the leftmost dot, are stairs leading up and to the right, to the Greenway. Additional details are provided in the enlarged map, but once on the Greenway you have few options for getting lost.

West side of the Hudson

Having crossed the George Washington Bridge, the Lamont-bound cyclist has two options: Henry Hudson Drive and Route 9W. The first of these is longer and hillier, but has much less traffic and is, in our opinion, a much more pleasant ride. It is a wooded road that runs along the side of the Palisades, dipping down to the river in places and climbing steeply at its northern terminus to connect with Route 9W in Alpine. The second alternative is to take 9W all the way from Palisades Avenue to Lamont. This option is flatter and a bit shorter, but involves considerably more traffic. Unfortunately, the Henry Hudson Drive is closed from late fall to early Spring.

Google Earth image at right shows the southern terminus of the Henry Hudson Drive (HHD) and its connection with the GWB (click to enlarge). A paved path between the bridge and the HHD begins a block south of the bridge, at the entrance to Fort Lee Historical Park; its recent completion marks a great leap forward for cyclists, so to speak.

From its southern terminus, the Henry Hudson Drive runs northward for about nine miles, passing by the Englewood boat basin and connecting with Route 9W at Exit 2 in Alpine. From there it's about three miles further north to the Lamont entrance gate.

For the Route 9W option, turn right as you exit the bridge and proceed north 2 miles to Palisades Ave. A short jog to the left will bring you to the Route. Follow it
northward for about 10 miles to reach the Lamont gate.

Nyack to Lamont

Can anyone provide turn-by-turn directions and a brief route description to accompany the map at left? (Contributed by P. Block.)

View Nyack to Lamont in a larger map

  • Keith Snyder has suggested this trail ride (unpaved) from Nyack to the intersection of Oak Tree Road and 9W. Study the enlarged map carefully before embarking -- the location of the GPS-generated line is not very precise...

Alpine to Lamont

This route may best be suited to those coming from the Alpine area (unless you'd like to add a few miles to your commute from NYC). It was suggested by Olaf Svenningsen, a former Lamonter who now lives in Odense, Denmark. Odense bills itself "Cycle City." Some people have all the luck...

Note: We have not ridden this route; if anyone has done it recently and would like to update or refine the directions (see
larger map), that would be great!

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