Water Under the Bridge series, October 2012

This site was started in late summer of 2009 to provide a centralized source of cycling-relevant information, in the process pointing out attention-worthy aspects of "the ride." Who decides whether something is worthy of attention? To paraphrase Duchamp, anyone is a decider who decides to be one. (See the note below on contributions.) Duchamp himself was not oblivious to the artistic potential of the bicycle.

The content of some pages here (Flora 'n' fauna, Geology...) has been influenced by our warm-weather route of choice, the Henry Hudson Drive (HHD). This quiet road, cut into the side of the New Jersey Palisades, extends from the George Washington Bridge north to Alpine NJ. It offers magnificent views of the bridge and the river, as well as numerous opportunities for the first-hand observation of nature. It is part of the Palisades Interstate Park system.

The site welcomes contributions. Potential topics include:
  • Routes to Lamont from points in Rockland and New Jersey. See Routes 'n' maps for examples.
  • Routes to the GWB, east side, from points south. Morningside --> GWB is a notable lacuna.
  • Enlightenment on area natural history, particularly Geology. There is plenty of geology along the HHD waiting to be annotated.
To contribute please leave a comment, or contact the maintainer. User-suggested routes, links and maps have all enriched the site as it now exists.