Henry Hudson Drive, Nov 6, 2013

Welcome to L-DEO Bicycle Central!

This site is intended for the exchange of information concerning bicycling to, from and around Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, in Palisades, NY. It exists to further the interests, increase the enjoyment and, if possible, enhance the safety of those who regularly or occasionally bike to Lamont, those who are considering doing so and those who may simply enjoy cycling around the area. Although nominally a bicycle site, its purview extends as well to things observed "by the side of the road." To paraphrase a well-known cyclist, "It's not (just) about the bike."

Disclaimers: (1) Although this site may be linked from L-DEO, it is not affiliated with the Observatory or with Columbia University. (2) Information posted here, whether about road conditions, traffic, equipment or whatever is not guaranteed to be timely or accurate. Bicycling involves risks. Information on this site (or linked from here) may address ways of reducing these risks, but ultimately you must assume all responsibility for your safety and security on the road. Be careful!

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