Luciana Dar 
I am an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Riverside.

My research interests fall into three interconnected areas of inquiry: comparative political economy of higher education, the relationship between higher education and social inequality and the politics of higher education. I approach each of these areas with a combination of theoretical and methodological tools from the positive political economy, comparative politics and public finance literatures in close connection with insights from the higher education field.

As a fundamental complement of my substantive research agenda centered on higher education issues, I strive to make analytical and methodological contributions as well. I aim to contribute to recent efforts by a diverse group of scholars to remove education from its ‘subordinate’ status in political science to the more central role education policy research has played in sociology and economics. While our collective ability to solve concrete public problems has increased a great deal, issues of democratic legitimacy and distributional fairness remain at the forefront of contentious debates among stakeholders and educational researchers. I believe that political science and interdisciplinary scholarship with strong disciplinary foundations can be a rich source of insight in any effort to combine democratic ideals with quality public policy outcomes.

My teaching interests and expertise span a wide range of areas, including policy analysis, policy process, comparative political economy, research design, comparative public policy, higher education politics, policy and finance, and comparative state politics and policy.