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Cyberlink PowerCinema Remote Plugin for MediaPortal

version 1.0.0 by lcwmax
Cyberlink PCM (PowerCinema) Remote Plugin allows user use Cyberlink Remote Control for MediaPortal. This remote control is designed for Cyberlink PowerCinema, and also compatible with Cyberlink PowerDVD.
Cyberlink Remote Control
This plugin is developed with the "old" Cyberlink Remote Control (see picture), also mean "CyberLink Universal Remote Control" on Cyberlink website ( ). I have not test with the "new" Cyberlink Remote Control.
MediaPortal version
The plugin has been tested with MediaPortal 1.0 RC2.
version 1.0.0 - (414 KB)
  1. Copy the CyberlinkPCMRemotePlugin.dll, CyberLinkPCMRemoteControl.exe, AutohotkeyRemoteControl.dll, CyberLinkPCMRemoteTray.exe to MediaPortal\Plugins\Process directory.
  2. Copy the CyberlinkPCMRemotePlugin.xml to MediaPortal\InputDeviceMappings\default directory.
  3. (optional) If you want to press "Home" button on the remote contral to start MediaPortal, you can create a shortcut from CyberLinkPCMRemoteTray.exe and place it to Start Menu\Programs\Startup directory.
  4. (optional) Run MediaPortal Configuration, select "Plugins" from the tree, and "Cyberlink PowerCinema Remote Plugin" in the Process Plugins group. Click the "Config" to modify your own mapping setting.
Run CyberLinkPCMRemoteTray.exe, and press "Home" button to start MediaPortal. Then you can use your remote to control MediaPortal.
Run MediaPortal manually, and this Cyberlink PCM Remote Plugin will be load automatically. Then you can use your remote to control MediaPortal.
Table and Chart
Key Mapping Table
Cyberlink Remote Control Buttons
MediaPortal Input Mapping
What I did in this plugin?
  • Modified MediaPortal keyboard input plugin to load AutoHotKey executable file automatically.
  • Modified brainbone's AHK script to send command according to PowerCinema keyboard shortcuts.
  • Created a Input Mapping file for this plugin.
  • Created a tray program to monitor "Home" button signal.
Known Problems
  • There is a bug when user press "Info" button. If press button down will get AHK HID code:51535352("Info" button), release will get AHK HID code:535352("Angle" button). I don't know why get two signals when pressed "Info" button. Fortunately, the "Angle" button is not very important, so i didn't set any function on this button.
  • Play, Pause, Rewind Fastforward buttons seem to send some media key signals, but cannot be catched by MediaPortal keyboard input plug-in. So I still used AHK to send command for these buttons.
Cyberlink / PowerColor remote mapping for MediaPortal - by brainbone
MediaPortal keyboard input plug-in - by rsenden
Autohotkey support for Human Interface Devices - by Micha
Keyboard Media Keys (for USB HID devices!) - by evl
Send / SendRaw / SendInput / SendPlay / SendEvent: Send Keys & Clicks
Other information
Discussion on official forum.
Special thanks to tw1965, who gave me technical information and borrowed me remote controls for testing :)