Master of Science in Human Language Science and Technology


The course is governed by (i) a set of general regulations which apply to all postgraduate courses, and (ii) a set special regulations for this course in particular, as follows:

  • LCT Modules
  • To see correspondences between LCT Modules and UoM study units, download 2016_7_modules.xlsx in the files section below. Read the instructions tab and proceed.

MSc. Dissertation at University of Malta

Timeline (Coordinated with ARI 5905 Research Topics in NLP):
  • Week 3 December: selection of research topic/supervisor
  • Week 1 February: project description
  • Week 3 February: Seminar
  • Sept 30th Submission
  • HLST Dissertation: Topics and Supervisors
  • Dissertation Guidelines
  • Dissertation front cover page: see attachments below for (pdf version, word version, and latex zip file. Note that the front cover page, together with any declarations etc. should also appear inside the bound version. Any program or data material should be on a CD attached to the inside back cover.
  • Hard bound version should look like this but colour should be olive green instead of black. Lettering should be gold. The wording on the spine (note orientation of lettering which runs top to bottom) is double stripe - title - author - year - double stripe. On the front cover, outside, the main title appears centered. On bottom right hand side, aligned right, there is Author, MSc HLST, Month (first submission) Year.
colour should be olive green instead of blackj

MSc. Dissertation at Partner University
    If you are studying at a partner University during the second year, you will also submit your dissertation at University of Malta. Relevant procedures are described in Procedures for Assessment of Dissertation for Partner Universities

    Semester Dates

    • Semester normally starts close to the 1st October. For the official dates see here under "key dates", then "semester dates".
    • Plan to arrive one week before the beginning of Semester. Orientation activities are usually organised during this period.