Workshop on Lagrangian Coherent Structures and Dynamical Systems

supported by the Cooperative Research Program of "Network Joint Research Center for Materials and Devices" and JST CREST Sakajo Team "Toward a paradigm shift created by mathematics of vortex-boundary interactions"

Date: 2014/3/5 9:50 - 3/7 18:40

Place: 3-202, the 3rd building of Faculty of Science (Science Bldg #3), Hokkaido University

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Abstract: In this workshop, we are aiming at opening up a new field of research by fusing different research areas such as dynamical systems, fluid mechanics, control theory, celestial mechanics, chemistry, economics, brain science and meteorology with a central focus on Lagrangian Coherent Structure (LCS), the concept developed by Prof. George Haller. Roughly speaking, LCS is a finite-time, non-autonomous counter part of stable and unstable manifolds in autonomous dynamical systems and provides skeletal structures of flows. LCS has been applied to various systems ranging from understandings of spreading of spilt oil over Gulf of Mexico, airflow over Hong Kong international airport, blood flows in blood vessels. In this workshop, we invited researchers from various fields along with Prof. George Haller who is going to give us three-day plenary talks.

Organizer: Hiroshi Teramoto (contact: