About LCRP

This is the official research site for the Lafayette Cemetery Research Project (LCRP).
The project has been documenting Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (New Orleans, LA) continuously since 1997 and has provided information and reports as a community service free-of-charge.

It completed a six-month general photo survey of the cemetery (Jan. - June 2002) and has a number of other documentary endeavors in the works.  It is a self-supporting project and has been commended many times over for its diligence,  thoroughness, and non-partisanship.

The LCRP began as a result of research work conducted during 1997 by Fred Hatfield and Sean M. Perry. Both native residents of New Orleans, they have impressive backgrounds in researching and recording history, as well as community involvement. Their work has been published as an Atlas of the cemetery, including mapping, tomb and name listings, historical and technical explanations, and photographs which assessed the cemetery up until that time.  As was intended from the start, the original project has lead to numerous undertakings and has benefited the work of other organizations, researchers, families, etc. Much of the work has been to continuously add to this research on a regular basis, while keeping the format as interesting, accurate and easy to use as possible.

Thank you for your interest and support!
Sean M. Perry (Research Director)
Lafayette Cemetery Research Project