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Lafayette Cemetery No.1, New Orleans, LA
(est. 1833)

original cemetery plan  by: Pierre Benjamin Buisson

Hours: M-F, 7:00am-2:30pm Sat 7:00am-12:00pm
Closed: Sun and Holidays (except Mother's Day, Father's Day, and All Saint's Day)
Operated by: The City of New Orleans

Located at: N 29° 55.748 W 090° 05.088
Washington Avenue at Prytania St.

Elevation: 5 ft. 8 in. above MSL (Mean Sea Level)
Main Gate:
Washington Ave.
 Office and Information Gate:
Sixth St,
1427 Sixth St., NOLA 70115

 Exercise extreme caution when engaging commercial tourguides at the entrance of the cemetery. Most of them, especially the so-called "non-profits" are simply there to hustle the tourists. The "donations" they solicit are diverted towards their own personal use and do NOT benefit the cemetery.

The German Consulate of the United States recognizes this work as an important aspect of our two country's historical relationship. As the earliest German-American cemetery in New Orleans, it is important to protect and preserve it. All of the research materials are backed-up on EU mainframe. We are so very proud of all of you-The Hon. Carl-Heinz Schnecken, former Consul General, The Federal Republic of Germany (ret.)

This is the
Pro Bono Project for Lafayette Cemetery provided free-of-charge for viewing purposes only. If you have benefited from this work, we ask that you send some kind of donation via the link near the of this page. If you would like to utilize any of this material in your own research, you may also contact us at the addresses posted below. All work posted here is the sole property of the contributors and the Project. All rights reserved.
We would love to post any of your photos of the cemetery for others to see, with due credit. Simply send to the email address at the bottom of this page.
 As of this point, you are a part of the history of Lafayette Cemetery. Keep in mind that if you are not a family member with property in our cemetery, an official representative of a family with credentials to verify this, CNO or LCRP, you are simply a guest and are required to maintain yourselves accordingly. This is as much for your benefit and safety as it is for the welfare of the Cemetery. Also, keep the young ones close to you, as we have witnessed too many incidents of some of of the "wee folk" straying off and pulling down a vase or something onto themselves, often resulting in injury which hurts them more than it hurts the property. This is a family cemetery in a very quiet residential neighborhood. We like it that way. Keep Smiling!!!

** The City of New Orleans does NOT vouch for any commercial, "non-profit", or other tours. Only someone with a GREEN LCRP badge may provide information on behalf of the Project. Donations to LCRP stay in New Orleans and go directly toward the maintenance and continued research of this Project. LCRP is not affiliated with nor supporters of the organization known as "Save Our Cemeteries, INC."!!! 

This website was originally developed in November 2000. It is based upon research published in 1997 by the Hatfield-Perry Research Project and it's mission is multi-purpose designed to research, document, and act as a communications link to people around the world who have an interest in the procedures and accomplishments of such an important undertaking. It is also available to assist members and visitors in the location of search and research materials. It is non-commercial and monitored so that it's mission may be continued with minimal distractions. Please respect this work and help to maintain it...your participation is appreciated! 
 [The Friends of Lafayette Cemetery]
Located in the Garden District section of New Orleans (originally the Lafayette/Livadais District) and accessible by the St. Charles Streetcar, as well as by car, bicycle or by foot. 
By streetcar from Downtown or Uptown, get off at the Washington Ave. or Sixth St. stops. Walk one block towards the river and enter at either the Washington Ave. or Sixth St. gates.

Lafayette Cemetery is one of the safest cemeteries in the City. The efforts of the Project, the community, families, as well as the New Orleans Police Department, have been coming together to help reclaim and protect what our city's historical dynamics represent. As in any city, exercise caution and research your destinations before traveling into unknown areas. Minimize the number of belongings you carry when walking our streets and stay aware of your surroundings. It is safe to visit alone, although enjoying your visit with friends will enhance the experience!

Important Note:
The moving or removal of articles and artifacts from the cemetery and after-hours entry is punishable by law. Please don't litter and always respect the rights and privacy of visiting families. Recently we have been making a strong effort to catch and prosecute artifact thieves. If you notice a theft in progress, immediately call "911". If you notice suspect artifacts in shops, or if anyone offers any for sale, report it to the NOPD or the FBI Cemeteries Artifacts Taskforce. This is a safe cemetery and neighborhood. Please appreciate the effort which goes into preserving an historic site. Volunteers and researchers are often available to assist families and visitors.

This site will help you to understand more about what New Orleans' cemeteries are all about.

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The U.S. Department of Justice  FIELD/GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH ADVISORY (Cemetery Research and Control Advocacy)

Lafayette Cemetery Research Project
(voice mailbox) 504-452-1088
Under the supervision of: Sean M. Perry
Sponsored by:  The Friends of Lafayette Cemetery


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