Transfer Application

The transfer application is for when you want to bring a character that you have previously, or are currently playing in another game to London Calling. This can be an OC, or a character from an established canon source.

This application is open to anyone and everyone, you do not have to be a current member of the game to use the transfer application.

Email us the following information at
  • Your Name:
  • Character's Canon: (if OC, just say OC)
  • Link to the Character's Current (or previous) Journal:
  • Do you plan to use this journal, or create a new one? (if so, let us know the name)
  • Will you be playing them from their original canon*, or as if they’re arriving from another game**?
  • A brief (think 250-500 word) history/background explanation of who your character is.
  • Sample EP OR a link to a thread you are very proud of.

*They will not remember their previous game.
**They will remember their previous game and have to adjust to their new life in London.

(NOTE: Transferring a character here does not mean you can't play them elsewhere as well.)