Treat your fellow players with respect at all times. I'd hope this went without saying, but just in case it doesn't, we have zero tolerance here for bullies and jerks. This is a laid back game, and a very happy little RP community, we'd like to keep it that way. 

No OOC wank, please. If you have a problem with another player, bring it to the mods. We will handle it. Sometimes people can get a bit hot with one another, even friends. Bringing a mod in to help can often settle problems before they get out of control. 

Stay Active. Every three months or so the mods will do a Roll Call. This is a post in the OOC com asking players to just check in with the characters they wish to keep playing before a certain date. This is a new rule, created to keep the game low stress. Any Characters not listed before the deadline will be purged. The first time a character is purged you may ask for them back. If you are purged a second time you will have to reapply. We feel this is more than fair.

All posts should be tagged with your pup's name/tag. This helps other players keep up with plots and stories being told.

You have two weeks from the day your application is accepted to debut your pup.  That's fourteen whole days! We think you can manage that. ;)

All player characters must be humanoid (no animals please). However, aliens with animal-like characteristics, supernatural beings (lycans for example), and shapeshifters are all fine.

There is no limit to what your character can do ability-wise, so long as the ability is canon, or was approved of in your OC's application.

Always ask before killing or seriously injuring another player's character.

Immortal characters are allowed. We already have a few, in fact. :D

You must be 18 to play. This game contains sex and graphic violence. We're not going to ask for ID, but by applying to join you are stating you are 18 or older.

We reserve the right to reject any app at any time for any reason. I mean, we prolly wont, don't let that scary bolded text freak you out, but just in case we have to, we're putting this here to cover our collective bums.

It is alright to godmod NPCs. (This includes characters from your canon who are not yet in the game but would likely be around, or just simple street vendors and other city dwellers.)

It is not alright to godmod other players characters. Don't be that guy.

You can reserve a character for up to 90 days. After 90 days they will be removed from the reserve list and open to anyone to app.

NSFW (violence or sexually explicit material) must be done in private journals and then linked to the main community. For example, if you tag a public EP and it becomes sexual or excessively violent in nature, simply continue the thread in a new private post (make your next tag a link to the new post so anyone following the thread can continue to read). Or if it's a private thread already, 'linkdump' it later in the main com with a brief summery of events and any NSFW/trigger warnings you feel it might need.

As a player you have the ability to create locations inside the city (businesses, buildings, ect). However, should you create a location that you'll be using more than once, we ask that you create a wiki page (don't be shy! If you need help, just as a mod. We are happy to help!).

When bringing a pup who's background has game wide effects on other pup's pasts, they MUST come from an alternate timeline or parallel world. (added 11/10/14)

Temporary or 'seasonal' pups are welcome, just be sure to mention it at the end of your application (preferably with an explanation as to why you want to play them that way- Though that isn't required).

Our game uses Slack! On top of having an OOC com for planning, we also have a slack channel where we- Okay, mostly we post gifs and talk about books and pretty people, but we also use it for plotting and keeping up with game stuff! You're not required to use it, but we highly recommend it. If nothing else it has proven itself an amazing way to bring our players closer together!

While this is a laid back game, we do expect a certain level of writing here. Here are some examples of how, and how not to play:

BAD example: 

Wow, it is really dark tonight. I wonder what everyone is doing?

GOOD example: 

It was a dark night in the city, the moon well hidden behind the clouds, causing Logan to blink and squint as he tried to make out the figure that was heading towards him.

"Fuck it's dark tonight," he muttered to himself, squinting again before speaking up. "Hey, Jack? Is that you, man?"

Most importantly, if it's not in the rules and you're not sure it's okay, just email the mods (or contact one of us via slack or email).