What is LCRPG?
LCRPG is a pan-fandom alternative universe game that allows both canon characters and original characters to interact in modern day London.

How do I join?
Easy! On the sidebar on the left you'll see links to transfer applications, OC applications, and canon applications. Just click through and follow the instructions.

What does it mean to 'au' a character?
Basically you take your character and alter them slightly to fit into another world. For example, if you wanted to bring Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park, you could do one of two things. You could have her ripped out of her time and tossed into London by some kind of science-fiction means, or you could have her be a contemporary of the city- That is to say, you could modernize her. Not unlike many authors and film-makers have modernized Shakespearean characters and the like. 

What happens if I choose to transfer a character from another game?
As mentioned above, you have a few options here. You can toss them into the game via some kind of sci-fi type action (accidental time travel or stumbling into a parallel universe maybe), or you can play them as if they've always been in London (or recently moved there).

What if someone is already using my PB?
Sometimes someone's going to have the same face as you- It can be awkward, but it can also make for great plots and fun threads! You can play it however you like, from 'hey, these guys kinda look alike' to 'OMFG why do you have my face?' It's player choice. :)

What if there's already a *insert character here*?
We do not let let two people play the same character unless they're the same character from two different canons. For example you could have a Sherlock from the US show Elementary and also a Sherlock from the BBC show Sherlock. You could not, however, have two Dean Winchesters (not that we're against an army of Deans. An army of shirtless, sweaty... Wait what was I saying?).

If you're not sure if it's okay to app who you want, don't stress about it, just send us an email (found on the application pages).

What sort of stuff do I need mod approval for?
Generally, anything that will effect more than just your character and the characters involved in your plot. For example, if you were playing Batman and wanted to NPC the Joker kidnapping his girlfriend or Robin, you wouldn't need to ask us about that. However, if you were playing Batman and wanted the Joker to blow up Big Ben, you should run that by us. Not because we'd say no (if we think you've got a good plot mapped out, we'll likely approve it), but more so we can prompt you to write up an OOC post to inform other players of what's going on and even let them get involved.

Is it okay if my character is gay?
Heck yeah it is.

Is it okay if my character is straight?
Heck yeah it is.

Is it okay if my character is bi or a-sexual? Maybe a cross-dresser or trans?
Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yuuuup.

What is god modding?
Pretty much any time you write someone else's character for them, be it their emotions, thoughts, or actions without that player's consent.

How do I RP a fight without godmodding?
Leave things open. For example, state that your character has taken a swing, but don't say whether or not it's made contact- This leaves things open for the other player, who can then decide if they dodged the hit or took it- and if they took it, how much damage it did.

What Is a linkdump and how do I do one?
Linkdumps are posts made to the main gameplay community that are not EP's, but are instead a series of links and brief summaries of private threads that you've not yet shared with the rest of the game. These are made so people who aren't reading your characters private journal can keep up with various plot lines and enjoy your RP.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Shoot us an email.