Winter Wisp

Winter Wisp
Age: 30-ish (looks younger)
Race: Pixie
Appearance:  Pale skin, white hair (sometimes curly reddish-brown), blue eyes, thin build. In his true form he is only about 6 inches tall, with translucent silvery-white wings. When transformed to be almost human-sized, he is about five foot nine. (before reaching maturity he only grew to five foot four).
PB: Olly Alexander
Journal: winter_wisp
Abilities: As a pixie he can fly, make things (crops, flowers, ect) grow faster and larger. He can also speak to animals and insects, and manipulate natural materials.
Temperament: Sweet, slightly cheeky, easily manipulated.
Hobbies: Gardening, singing, dancing, a love for music in general.

UPDATE: Winter left London for several months to go live among his own kind. Those who knew him before will notice that his hair is no longer shock white- Thanks to living in a more autumnal part of the Other Side. (He also has a different PB now, but let's just pretend the only thing that's changed is his hair).

Since living among his own kind your pup might also notice he's much less nervous than before.

His hair will, on occasion, revert to bright white.
Background: Winter was still a child when his parents were killed during one of the fae's many wars. Though the pixies were mostly pacifists, refusing to take sides, they often found themselves caught in the middle of the fae's battles, helping both sides and often loosing their lives in the crossfire.

When his community moved to the darker side of the woods, they'd been sure they'd be safe- But the wizards were no safer to be around. One wizard, by the name of Aspid Vettle, spent quite a lot of time around the pixies, studying them, and their magic. He seemed to be a gentle soul, and so he was welcomed with open arms- but after a month of studying the small winged creatures, he became fixated on Winter and his youthful beauty. 

The night he abducted the pale pixie, the whole village fought back. They used every spell they knew, and called in the help of every animal they knew- But all their fighting brought them was death. Winter watched as his home was set ablaze by one of the wizard's spells, helpless to aid his friends as they burned. From that day on, Winter was nothing more than a pet and a plaything for Aspid, who would even feed the tiny creature a potion to make him almost human for a few hours- just so he could be enjoyed more thoroughly.

After twenty years in captivity, it has become the only life Winter knows.

Personality: Sweet, and a little nervous. Winter is (was) wary of mortals, and doesn't like to be touched unless he touches first. He has a kind heart, a gentle nature, and can be a bit naive. Being a pixie, he can sometimes come off as childish or immature. Winter is an adult, but it is in his nature as a pixie to be full of child-like wonder and curiosity. 

Because of his childish nature, he can, on occasion, be spiteful and envious.