Sirius Black

Physical: Sirius is 5’9.5” and has an excellent physique,
athletic without being overly muscular. He carries himself with a confidence that borders on cockiness. He knows he's attractive. and it shows in his body language and movement. he has shoulder-length black hair and is usually clean-shaven, with grey eyes and a lovely, charming smile.

He usually dresses in t-shirts (often bearing the logos for bygone punk bands) and tight jeans, although he is not opposed to dressing it up when the occasion calls for it. He also wears a black leather jacket whenever possible, only eschewing it during the hottest of the summer months.

Personality: Sirius is cocky and full of himself. He knows he’s good-looking, and he was one of the most popular boys in school, so he’s used to being the center of attention and thrives on it, even. When things don’t go his way or he feels ignored or neglected, he can grow rather sullen and sulky.

He’s very cheerful, playful and teasing much of the time, though his playful side can sometimes have a mean streak to it, particularly when to comes to people he doesn’t like. He likes to take risks and live on the edge, which has gotten him in trouble on several occasions. Brash and heedless of consequences, even thoughtless at times, Sirius is used to his punishments being lessened or avoided altogether because others cover for him: his parents when he was younger, and then his friends once at Hogwarts and beyond (although James was more likely to be by his side than covering for him; that job fell to Remus more often than not.)

There’s also a darker side to Sirius. The weight of being a Black hangs over his head some days, and his expectations of himself can be low because of it, thinking himself capable of the worst because of who he is and where he comes from. He’s very aware of his shortcomings, and can take a rather fatalistic view of himself. He
also suffers from bipolar disorder and is prone to bouts of depression and anger because of this, as well as manic periods where he engages in risky and dangerous behaviors.

Name: Sirius Orion Black

Canon: Harry Potter
Race: Caucasian Wizard
Age: 21

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Sirius Orion Black was born into the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black on November 3, 1959 to Orion and Walburga Black, pureblood wizards who could trace their lineage back centuries. The Blacks thought of themselves as wizarding royalty, and were among the many pureblood families who thought half-bloods and muggleborns weren’t worthy of being allowed to become wizards.

Sirius had a rather different outlook on things. From a young age, he thought the way his parents treated those they considered beneath them (who appeared to be normal witches and wizards to Sirius) wasn’t right, and his eschewing of the Black family credo was cemented shortly before he was to begin his schooling at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when he overheard a conversation between his parents and some of their pureblood friends in which they all but applauded Voldemort for his anti-muggle stance. While they made noises about disapproving of his methods, the experience not only made him want to stand in opposition of everything the House of Black believed in, but forever tainted the way he viewed his parents as well. He’d already had doubts about whether they were good people by that point, but after overhearing them implicitly support the Dark Lord, he became convinced that his parents, and by extension most Blacks, were no good.

At Hogwarts he rebelled against his family and everything they stood for, becoming the first in his family in several generations to be sorted into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. The friends he made there only strengthened his determination to not just be another Black,
<i>toujours pur</i>. He dove into the muggle world as a form of rebellion, plastering his room over the summer with pinup girls and
motorcycles, attached to his bedroom walls with permanent sticking charms so his mother couldn’t remove them.

He was happier at Hogwarts than he’d ever been before, both because of the freedom he felt being out from under his mother’s disapproving eye and because of the Marauders. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew became his best friends, even a family--and more of one than his real family. James became like a brother to him, and he spent at least as much time at the Potters’ over summers as he did in the family home at Grimmauld Place.

When his younger brother, Regulus, came to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin just like the rest of the Blacks, Sirius had very
little to do with him. He loved Regulus, but it was clear that he had fallen for the same BS that he counted himself lucky to have escaped, and he was deeply disappointed by what he viewed as Regulus’ softness, his unwillingness to stand up to their parents or to think for himself.

As they got older, Sirius started to realize his feelings toward Remus were rather more than friendship, which he didn’t know how to deal
with, so he didn’t, although he did notice, as often as he was watching Remus, so was Remus watching him, which brought him to the conclusion that it was at least mutual. Despite this realization, he was still too afraid of losing one of the two most important
relationships in his life if he acted on it, so he satisfied himself with flirting, with teasing, with half-lies and half-truths and with the knowledge that he wasn’t alone in feeling like this.

The summer after he turned 16, Sirius finally had enough of his family’s poisonous hatred and superiority, especially as the dark
wizard Voldemort rose in power, also obsessed with the purity of wizarding blood, and he ran away from home to stay with the Potters, who welcomed him like a second son. After school, Sirius and the other Marauders became members of the Order of the Phoenix, a covert group led by Albus Dumbledore in opposition to Voldemort. They worked hard, albeit in secret, to do what they could to fight back against Voldemort’s ever-increasing strength.

However, it became clear that there was a spy somewhere among their number, someone delivering intelligence to the Dark Lord from within the Order. Tensions were already high with Voldemort and his followers terrorizing witches and wizards throughout the country, but they grew even higher as suspicion and mistrust became a constant thread within the ranks of the Order.

As much as he hated to even consider the possibility, Sirius began to suspect that Remus might be the spy, the doubts planted and amplified by Peter Pettigrew whispering in his ear. Although he and Remus were sharing a flat by this time, they were further apart than they’d ever been since the day they met, as Sirius’s abrupt shift in attitude, avoidance and excuses only made Remus begin to suspect him as the spy.

Of course, on the night of October 31st, 1980, Sirius found out how wrong he’d been. James, his wife, Lily, and their infant son, Harry,
were being targeted by Voldemort, hunted down due to a half-heard prophecy. They decided to go into hiding to keep Harry safe and chose Sirius as their Secret Keeper, but at the last minute, and without telling anyone else, Sirius convinced them to switch their secret keeper to Peter Pettigrew, as he was less likely to be suspected as Secret Keeper.

Shortly after the Fidelius charm was cast with Peter as Secret Keeper, Sirius went to check on his friend, only to find his hideout empty but without any sign of a struggle. He began to realize that he had made a horrible mistake, had trusted the wrong friend, and he made his way to Godric’s Hollow only to find he was too late. Voldemort had found James and Lily and murdered them, but when he’d tried to kill baby Harry, the curse had rebounded and seemingly destroyed Voldemort.

Sirius ran into Hagrid, who had been sent to pick up Harry for safekeeping at Dumbledore’s orders. He tried to convince Hagrid to
give Harry to him, as his godfather, but Hagrid refused to disobey Dumbledore, and so Sirius told him to take his flying motorbike to get
Harry safely to his aunt and uncle’s. He didn’t plan to need it anymore, as he was determined to find Peter--find him and kill him.

He accomplished the first part of this plan, finding Pettigrew in a muggle neighborhood, but his former friend turned traitor had been
prepared for this moment. Peter accused Sirius loudly of betraying the Potters and then used his wand concealed behind his back to blow up the street, killing 12 muggles. Peter himself escaped by transforming into a rat and slipping into the sewers, leaving behind a single finger to seal Sirius’ fate.

However, Pettigrew’s spell had an unknown and unintended consequence; it created a duplicate of Sirius who was knocked through time to the year 2016.
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