Known Aliases: Q, Quinton Smith, Thomas Yardley, Jeffery Banks
Age: ██
Canon: Skyfall
Job: IT Specialist for ██████████ with special skill sets in ██████████, engineering, ████████████.
Accent: British
Journal: Quatermaster_Q
Voicemail: Here
Email: Here
PB: Ben Whishaw
Player: Liz

Background: Raised in ████████████████████ remained under parental guardianship until age ██ when he left and spent time in █████████ living with a ██████ named ████████. Arrested July ██ █████ on several counts of ██████████ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██████.


Currently working as ██████████ for ███. 

Personality: Calm, collected, well trained. Occasionally cocky or unpleasant. Mild in appearance and attitude. Few are allowed past his carefully constructed mask, and it takes extreme situations to get a real rise out of him.

Q is brilliant and constantly working to make sure you're underestimating him.

You will never know Q, not the real Q, but this fictitious persona makes as good a friend as any other.