Age: 100
Race: Elf
Canon: OC
Job: Photographer
PB: Avan Jogia
Player: Liz
Animal Spirit : Buck
Most Powerful Element: Wind

Personality: Sullen, observant and quiet. Nirav suffers from a rare illness that causes extreme intermittent pain. The elves have no name for it, but it has made him somewhat of an outcast, since none of them know if it is just genetic, or catching. He has pain free days, but he sometimes has whole weeks where he's suffering quietly.

About: Nirav was born on The Other Side. His family was well known and loved by his kind, his father a well respected warrior, his mother a teacher. Life was comfortable, until he turned seventeen.

A freak flood destroyed their village, and while his parents managed to get him to safety, they were both lost while attempting to save others. Over the next fifteen years the village was rebuilt, but without his family, Nirav was lost, completely directionless and drifting.

He spent some time working as a blacksmith in his village, working all day, and spending the night among his mother's books. Some from their own kind, but many from the mortal realm. Between those texts and his mother's journals, Nirav found himself growing less and less content with life on The Other Side. 

When he started getting sick, Nirav decided it was time to do what he really wanted to do- Go live amoung the mortals. There his illness would be unknown, and he'd have a whole new world to explore.

Over the years he's worked as a photographer under many names, carefully keeping himself out of the limelight, though in recent years that's become harder and harder. In the past he traveled all over the world, mostly photographing nature and small obscure villages and settlements, places most people will never get to visit or explore. However, after posting some of his work on instagram he was offered a position as an editorial photographer at Vogue UK. With his illness only getting worse, he decided to take it.

Nirav can often be found wandering the city with his camera, asking people to pose for photos and snapping candid pics.