Newt Scamander


Name: Newt Scamander
Canon:  Harry Potter
Race:  Wizard
Age: 30

Journal: fantasticnewt
Tag: newt scamander
Player: Violet

Newt is sensitive, dedicated, and eccentric. Though he is not an unusually powerful wizard, he is brilliant when it comes to magical creatures. Though in contrast to his affinity and connection to these creatures, he had difficulty connecting to people. He is awkward, shy, and tends to avoid eye contact. Though the wizarding world has no conception of such things, Newt is possibly high functioning, but somewhere on the autistic spectrum. 

Though when Newt does decide that he trusts someone, he is unconditionally loyal. When he cares about something, he cares deeply. He has a scientist's curiosity, often regarding the world around him as if it is entirely alien. He is also morally astute, with a sense for moral justice, but sometimes makes rash decisions. 

Newt is a Hufflepuff.


Newt was born in 1897, and developed an early interest in magical creatures due to his mother's breeding of hippogriffs. He attended Hogwarts, but was expelled when he took the blame for his only friend experimenting with a magical creature and endangering the life of a student. Albus Dumbledore argued on his behalf to keep him in school.

Immediately following school, during the war, Newt worked on the front wrangling dragons (though the program was canceled when the dragons only responded to Newt and tried to eat everyone else). After the war, he went to work for the Ministry of Magic, first in house elf relocation, and then in the Beast division, becoming a magizoologist through a rapid series of promotions. In 1918, he was commissioned by a publisher to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He spent the next eight years traveling the world, to over a hundred countries, observing magical creatures and gaining their trust.

In 1926, Newt arrived in New York, on what was intended to be a brief stop in America to relocate a thunderbird that he had found imprisoned in Egypt. However, while in New York, several magical creatures escaped from their home in his magically expanded suitcase, and with the help of new friends he had to chase them across the city. He also crossed paths with a obscurus and was the first wizard to (slightly accidentally) capture the dangerous wizard Grindelwald. 

He returned home to Britain to finish his manuscript. Shortly after turning it in to his publisher in 1927, he found himself pulled into the present day thanks to the same kind of error during historical research that had fractured Remus Lupin's timestream. When he first arrived in 2017 London, Newt largely sequestered himself, only having contact with the Ministry in order to find out what had happened and to get their assistance with finances and housing. But he's spent more time inside the small world of the suitcase with his creatures rather than exploring modern London. 
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