logan echolls

 Logan Echolls
Age: 27
Race: Human    
Canon: Veronica Mars
Job: tbd
PB: Jason Dohring
Player: Liz

Important Notes: This version of Logan is a variation of a version played in a previous game (Tabula Rasa). He has memories from that game, but also all his cannon memories.

Logan comes from just before the VM movie. Logan has crossed timelines upon entering this game and he, his family, and Neptune California, do not exist in this timeline. ;)

Family Life: Son of actors Aaron and Lynn Echolls, Logan was born into wealth (along with his older sister, Trina). Despite being spoiled by material items, emotionally his upbringing was less than perfect. His father was violent and abusive, taking his anger out primarily on Logan. This abuse caused a rift between Logan and his sister, who never witnessed the abuse and even went as far as to accuse Logan of making it all up.

The family was barely holding it together, to begin with, but after one of the women Aaron has been having an affair with stabs him at a Christmas Party, Lynn finally threatens to divorce him- Only to have Aaron vow to destroy her if she dares. Not long after, Lynn commits suicide.

Lily Kane: Sister to Logan's (once) best friend, 

Duncan Kane, Lily was Logan's first big love. However, Logan knows he was not Lily's. 

Logan: I loved Lilly. And Lilly LOVED guys. 
Veronica: Logan, you know that she... 
Logan: You know, she used to say that her parents worshipped Duncan and tolerated her. And if she couldn't please 'em, she was gonna go out of her way to piss 'em off. Weevil must've been perfect for that. 
Veronica: I know Lilly loved you. 
Logan: Just not like I loved her.     

The pair's relationship was heated, full of drama and ups and downs, ending with Lily's death. Logan spends most of the investigation a top suspect, but in the end it turns out it was his father who, after having an affair with her, killed Lily Kane.

Veronica: Logan and Veronica started as friends (Lily Kane was Veronica's best friend), turned enemies, and eventually lovers. To call their relationship volatile would be an understatement. Still, Even after finally calling it quits for good in college, Logan still very much, and likely always will, holds a torch for Veronica.

This Island: One night after a wild party on the beach Logan awoke on an island (another game, TRRPG). He spent several years there and made many friends, and even started a family. The most important connection he made there was with his husband, Jack Harkness.

One night the pair fell asleep, and Logan woke back up in Neptune, California, right where he'd left off.

The Military: After college Logan joined the US Navy, becoming a lieutenant and earning his pilot wings.

Personality: As an adult, Logan is far less volatile than he was in his youth. However, he still has a hard time walking away from a fight and has a tendency to run a bit hot. He's sarcastic and can be a bit difficult to get to know, but underneath it all, he's a good guy really.