Janette DuCharme


Janette appears to be in her mid-twenties, the age she was when she was brought across.  She’s 5’8” and weighs around 135 pounds.  She has black hair she wears at least shoulder-length, large blue eyes, and natural pale skin that’s even paler due to her years as a vampire.  In every time period, she has dressed fashionably and in more feminine styles.


Janette sees herself as a survivor, pragmatic and independent, but she’s kinder than she usually lets people see.  When asked if she’d ever brought someone across, she claimed she wasn’t the mothering type, but Patrick is not the first human child she’s had maternal feelings for, and she tends to be very protective of both mortal prostitutes and other vampires.  She is loyal to LaCroix and Nicolas, and often found herself caught in the middle during their century plus of fighting over Nicolas’ quest for humanity and affinity for humans, which has given her lots of practice as a peacemaker.

Despite not wanting Nicolas to bring her across again, Janette has always liked being a vampire, and she still does.  She’s drawn to art and other fine things, and has quite a collection after so many centuries.  She has a sly sense of humor, and can even be playful with some people.  On the other hand, she has a strong sense of personal justice, and is quick to seek vengeance for wrongs done to her or those she cares about.


effectively immortal, rapid healing, immune to disease, drugs, and poisons, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, flight, glamour, enhanced senses, blood has healing properties. (see also, vampires)

Name: Janette DuCharme
Canon: Forever Knight
Race: vampire
Age: almost 1000

Journal: vampcharmante
Tag: janette ducharme
Player: mere


Janette was a prostitute in Paris in the 11th century.  One night while walking the streets looking for a john, she was attacked by a soldier who tried to rape her.  She fought back, and so caught the attention of a thousand year old vampire named LaCroix who killed the soldier.  Later, LaCroix brought her across, promising no mortal man would ever touch her again without her permission, and allowing her to take her revenge on the pimp who abused her and had killed her friend Anna.

In 1228, Janette met Nicholas de Brabant recently back from the crusades.  She liked him enough to not only take him to her bed, but also introduce him to LaCroix, who added him to their little family.

Janette and her Nicolas traveled together as lovers for almost two centuries, then parted for a time.  But their paths have crossed many times since then, and their relationship remains very close, whether that is as lovers, friends, or merely siblings.

Every couple of decades or so, Janette, like many vampires, moved on to a new life, to avoid mortals wondering why they don’t age.  In the 1970s, Janette moved to Toronto, Ontario, and opened a bar, The Raven, that catered to both vampires and mortals.  She was eventually named the area sheriff, likely due to her age and her connections to and within the community (although the Authority never specified).

When Nicolas moved to Toronto and became a homicide detective as part of his quest for atonement, he often came to Janette for help when there was or might have been a connection to vampires, and sometimes even when there wasn’t.  His search for a cure, some way to regain his mortality weighed on Janette, though, and when added to how long she had been in Toronto, Janette chose to move on before his quest could infect her.  She ceded her responsibilities as sheriff as well as transferred ownership of The Raven to LaCroix.

Janette didn’t go too far, though. She was in Montreal when arsonists set fire to a building she was sheltering in, and she was rescued a firefighter, Robert McDonagh, who was injured in the fire.  Fascinated by the man who saved her life, and who chose to save people by braving one of the few things she as a vampire feared, she got to know him, and soon they began dating.  She was like a second mother to Robert’s son Patrick.  It all felt very human, in ways Janette wasn’t used to.  In time, she told Robert she was a vampire, expecting him to think she was crazy or push her away, but he accepted it as just one more thing that brought her into his life. Once he knew her secret, Janette and Robert’s relationship grew physically intimate, with Janette drinking only small amounts of his blood every time they had sex.

Robert’s injuries meant he couldn’t be a firefighter any longer, so he became an arson investigator.  One of his investigations got too close to the truth, that Larouche, a fellow arson investigator, was behind a series of fires, including the one where Robert met Janette.  Larouche killed Robert and framed him with the arsons to protect his secret, and somehow Robert’s death combined with the connection from sharing his blood with Janette triggering a completely unexpected change.

After almost a thousand years, Janette was suddenly mortal.

She followed Larouche to Toronto, where she killed him, and went to pick up evidence he’d hidden which would clear Robert’s name.  Janette went to Nicolas for help.  During the search for Larouche’s accomplices and the evidence, Janette was shot and had to reveal her new mortality to Nicolas.  The accomplices went after Patrick, whom Janette had left with his aunt, threatening to kill them, if Janette didn’t bring the key to the evidence, so of course she and Nicolas went to the rescue.  Only the accomplices doublecrossed them, shooting them both and setting off a bomb that started a fire.  Nick rescued Patrick and his aunt, then went back for Janette, only to discover her injuries were too severe.  He begged her to let him bring her across, but at peace with her mortality, she refused.

She woke up the next night, a vampire once again.  Not sure if she could forgive Nicolas – forever was a long time, she probably will eventually – she took Patrick and moved back to Paris where she lived quietly and mostly separate from the vampire community as she raised Patrick as her own son. 

It’s been twenty years now.  Patrick is grown, has graduated university, and been living in London for three years, and he’s finally convinced Janette to join him there, although not as his mother, now he’s starting to look older than she does.  Janette has traveled between the two cities for the past six months as they bought and renovated a boutique hotel so it could cater to vampires.  Now the hotel is ready to re-open, Janette is closing up her home in Paris and officially moving to London.
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