Finlay Alexander Flynn

Finlay Alexander Flynn
Age: 26
Nationality: British
Canon: OC
Job: Actor/Writer
Hometown: Manchester
Current Residence: Flat in the West End
Spouse: Willy Silver
Journal: Finlay_Flynn
Voicemail: Here
Email: Here
PB: Ben Whishaw
Player: Liz

Notes: Fin is quite a bit shorter than Q and Danny. They're both about 5′ 9″ While Fin is only 5′ 6″

As of  2016 Fin has discovered he is fae. 
His magic is somewhat wild and hard to control, and he uses it to see.

List of quick facts:
Fin was, briefly, dead.
Fin is currently blind and uses his magic to see.

Born in Manchester, Fin spent his early years living a fairly normal life. His father was a prison warden, fair and well liked. His mother was a checkout lady at the local grocer. He had one older sister, Kelly
who was without a doubt the shining star of the family, even before she got accepted to Cambridge.

Fin was no slacker himself, he kept his grades high and was an excellent swimmer, enough so that he was a shoe in for several scholarships. Everything seemed wonderful- until his seventeenth birthday.

His father leaving was something none of them had seen coming. The man had 
always seemed so in love with his family- and then suddenly there was some bloke named Ryan and a lot of talk about not hiding who he really was any
more. His mother had warned him that if he left he was never welcome back- And Fin hasn't seen him since.

A year later, Fin took ill.
He doesn't remember much about those months. In and out of the hospital, chatter about heart attacks and undiagnosed conditions.

Swimming scholarships were no longer a likely thing. ...University no longer seemed like a likely thing either.

Kelly got a job and stopped coming home. His mother, though loving, couldn't stand to look at him. When she looked at her fragile boy, she could only see his father's face.

He left in the middle of the night at the end of the summer, cashing in some money his gran had left him. It wasn't much, but it got him to London.

in spent quite some time homeless in London- However, after making a deal with Willy his career is on the rise and he has a rather lush home in the west end. Last year a play of his (written by and starring Fin) opened to rave reviews. Currently he's staring in a BBC produced mini-series about a war photographer.
As of this EP, Fin is possibly permanently blind.
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