Danny Holt

 Danny Holt
Age: 29
Canon: London Spy
Job: None
PB: Ben Whishaw
Player: Liz

(as spoiler free as I could manage)

Before Danny met Alex he was nothing more than a romantic with a habit for partying a bit too much and no real direction in life. His world revolved around nights spent in clubs, and days spent hungover at work, or home in the flat he shared with his two roommates. 
Life with Alex, however, changed that quickly. The man was so unlike anyone he'd ever loved before, and together they began to change one another for the better.

Danny had always known Alex had secrets, but he could have never guessed just how many, and just how deep that rabbit hole went. 

The day he found his lover's body, everything changed. A huge government cover up had the press and public pointing their fingers at Danny, pinning him as a murderer. While he did manage to clear his name, his life was ruined and friends were lost during his quest to uncover his lover's killer.

Now, in a world that didn't care about the truth, he's just trying to rebuild his life.