Armon Vodalus Char'han

Vod stands at about six foot three; which is tall for a Kathaari (most Kathaari men and women don't reach over six feet). He's noteworthy for his silver hair (a mark, supposedly, of Kathaari royalty or high nobility), and of course his grey cat's ears and tail, though his ears grow where a normal human's would. He bears a number of scars over his body from numerous conflicts, but the most obvious one is the scar that moves across the bridge of his nose. Vod has fairly sharp features, and his body is athletically built, though it's obvious he isn't a bodybuilder. Vod's skin, like any other Kathaari, is a rich, dark tan. His eyes are a sharp, piercing green, and his pupil's are shaped much like that of a cat's.

In terms of personality, Vod's a number of things. Slovenly, lazy, alcoholic, scoundrel, womanizer. All of these and more apply to Vod. Vod can't cook much of anything outside of eggs, and the introduction of his ship into the Thames may have added more clutter and junk to the river and bay area than the last five years of human pollution. That being said, he keeps himself clean, and he cleans up nicely, and he knows it. He's been with more women than he can count, though he's paid for more than half of them. He deals with the PTSD from Richt Mi'tar-Rue by drinking until he blacks out. Still, Vod is, above all else, a survivor. He'll do what he can to eke out a living wherever he can.

Vod has a hard time opening up to anybody. He comes across as distant, and while he has a passionate soul, he has a really hard time communicating his feelings in a serious and mature way. He's quick to lose his cool, and can have a hard time calming down. He's easily distracted by pretty women, and whether he likes it or not, he's genuinely a good guy at heart. He may not like it, but he always finds himself helping out those in need, sometimes for free (even though he hates that).

Abilities: As a Kathaari, Vod is gifted with increased senses, able to hear, see, smell, and taste better than your average human. He's also stronger, tougher, and more agile than some of the best human athletes. His eyes grant him perfect night vision, as well.

Skills: Vod's good at a lot of different things. He's good with just about any weapon he can get his hands on, or even without a weapon at all, due in equal part to his training in the military, being stranded on Richt Mi'tar-Rue, and then later becoming a bounty hunter. He's also a decent pilot, though the kinds of starships Vod's used to piloting aren't around yet.

Additionally, he's decent at interrogation, investigation, smuggling, and finding things that are fairly well hidden. He's very much a jack-of-all-trades, though he's sooner to shoot his way through a locked door than pick it. Unless he has reason to believe that knocking would be the most sensible option. 

Name: Armon Vodalus Char'han
Canon: OC
Race: Kathaari
Age: 27

Journal: callmevod
Player: Richard 
PB: Rami Malek (face reference)


Born Armon Vodalus Char'han (a name which means “The Intelligent First Son in the Glory of the War God Vo of the Char'han family”), Vod (as he prefers to be called) grew up as the firstborn son of the Kathaari Emperor. He, like all other Kathaari, was shipped to his compulsory military service upon the harsh jungle planet Richt Mi'tar-Rue, albeit a year earlier than was intended. This was a political stunt more than anything; Vod's mother had died giving birth to him (very rare in Kathaari society, and seen as a bad omen), and his father was looking to restore faith in the Imperial Family. However, the traditional air-drop into dangerous territory went awry for Vod's drop-pod, which fell several dozen kilometers away from the rest of his squad. Alone, Vod took up his rifle and his supplies, and was promptly attacked by the extremely dangerous predatory fauna present on the planet. His communications and sat-nav equipment destroyed, Vod simply tried his way at finding his path back to his squad, or failing that, to headquarters. He was fifteen at the time.

By the time Vod was recovered, he was seventeen, and a very changed man. He was found by a routine patrol, and Vod managed to kill two of his fellow Kathaari with a simple stone-tipped spear before they could properly subdue him. Once subdued, he was identified, and he began rehabilitation. However, Kathaari Military doctrine insisted that he be reinstated into his compulsory service period, which would last another three years.

Rehabilitation took about a year, but even then, Vod emerged with rather negative qualities. He cared little for authority, and a presumptuous drill sergeant attempted to make Vod respect him by physically assaulting him. Vod fought back, and again had to be subdued. The drill sergeant later died from brain-bleeding, and Vod was promptly court-martialed, and sentenced to death (this isn't an uncommon practice in Kathaari law; it's just rare for it to happen to someone in the imperial line).

While on death row, Vod was tormented by prison guards, and, even though he could have received an Imperial Pardon, he did not (still, he was surgically sterilized as all Kathaari prisoners are). The day before his execution, his Half-Kathaari, Half-human half-brother Curvos Hi'toka Char'han (literally “Godless Heathen Aberration of the Char'han family”), who Vod called Karsh (literally “Beloved Brother”) helped him escape, provided him with a ship, and sent up false authorization codes for the ship to bypass the Imperial Blockade.

Separated entirely from his family, Vod drifted the stars, making a name (albeit not always a great one) as a bounty hunter and mercenary. He earned a reputation as a drunkard, a scoundrel, but a known hater of slavers and pirates. Vod made more enemies than friends in the portions of the galaxy that he went through, although his human 'finder' Chavek often set him up with jobs and work, for a modest finder's fee. Through this line of work, Vod made his way, doing equal amounts of killing, bodyguard work, and even smuggling and legitimate delivery work, treading on both sides of the law as needed to survive.

Vod had never been to Earth (or rather, as he knew it, Terra Prime) until an ambush of space pirates finally decided to do something about him. In a desperate move, Vod put the last of his ship's warp-energy to use in propelling his ship just near the event-horizon of a black hole. Unbeknownst to him, this also had the effect of either sending him back in time or into another dimension; but he didn't have time to ponder that. His ship crashed just beyond the Thames, but fortunately his ejection pod landed deeper inland, though still in the Thames, just outside of London itself.

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