Welcome to the the Literacy Council of Tyler Professional Development Website.  This site will help you easily find 

Policies and Procedures, Student Handbook, TEAMS information and how to navigate it, Workforce 101 information, 

how to complete your time sheet, Reading Resources, Goal Setting, and PD training opportunities.

Professional Development Requirements:  15 hours yearly (July 1-June 30) for instructors, administrators, supervisors, coordinators, etc. Instructors must complete 6 hours of subject specific training annually and 3 hours in Principles of Adult Learning (PAL) annually (the full online Goal-setting training counts as PAL).  Remaining hours are at LCOT's discretion and may not be limited to just the 6. PD requirements for non-instructors vary by job description. Any staff person dealing directly with students whether in a class setting, study lab, tutoring, advising or through enrollment must complete the goal-setting training each year.