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Featured Book Series


 Ancient Bible Commentaries in English (Series)

This series provides quality translations of ancient commentaries on the Bible, translated for the first time into English. [Learn More]

 New Douay-Rheims Bible

This series provides an updated version of the original Douay-Rheims Bible of 1609, and all the wonderful footnotes that were placed in it!  The revision is simply an update on words like 'thee, thou, thine, etc., as well as updated spelling of proper names and places. [Learn more]

Bible Study Tools

This series provides Bible students with resources to dig deeper into the Word of God. [Learn More]


This series provides books that are for encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and comfort.  [Learn more]

Used Books

Check out our large selection of used books for super low prices!  All these used books are sold as a fundraiser for present and future projects! [Learn More]

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