Mrs. Cupitt, Director

Intermediate 1 band takes the individual instrumental skills learned in sixth grade to the next level by introducing ensemble concepts.  These concepts are taught through different styles of concert literature.  This band participates in the winter concert (December) and spring concert (May).    Some Intermediate 1 Band members are encouraged to a to perform a solo for solo recital (February).  For more information about these events, click on the event on our calendar page.

Beginning band students are taught in like-instrument classes.  In those classes students focus on the skills that pertain to their particular instrument.  This is an efficient use of time for the first year band student.  While they learn whole-band concepts in subsequent years, the individual player still needs at least some instruction specific to just his or her instrument.  

We have tests every Thursday to help each student build fundamental skills on their instrument.

Other events to check the calendar page of the website for:
Fall Social (September)
Fundraiser event (October)
Spring Social (February or March)