Advanced Band

Mr. Brockway, Director

Advanced band takes the ensemble concepts that were learned in seventh grade to a higher level.  In doing so, this band typically plays sophisticated literature (grade 4 and 5, grade 2 is typical for a top band at the intermediate school level).  This band participates in the following required curricular performances:

Pep Rallies (September, January, March)
Football game performance (September/October)
ExtravaBANDza (October, even numbered years)
Region Band Auditions (October)
Region Band performances if selected for region band (October)
Winter Concert (December)
Performance for 5th graders visiting campus (February)
Solo recital (February)
Pre-UIL Concert (March/April)
UIL Contest (April)
Moore's Opera House Performance (May)
Spring Concert (May)

To see more information about these events, click on the event in our calendar on the 'calendar' page of this website. 

In addition, Advanced Band members are required to attend weekly sectionals.

Beginning band students are taught in like-instrument classes.  In those classes students focus on the skills that pertain to their particular instrument.  This is an efficient use of time for the first year band student.  While they learn whole-band concepts in subsequent years, the individual player still needs at least some instruction specific to just his or her instrument.

A sectional is a rehearsal where small groups of like-instruments or instruments that play the same part work without the rest of the band; i.e. just the clarinets or just the percussion.  Advanced literature will likely require a given section of instruments to play a part different than that of any other section.  By working out the details of  these parts in small groups, the time spent in full-band rehearsal can be focused on full ensemble concepts.

Our sectionals are held once a week for one hour before school.  The exact day and time will be arranged after school starts.  Every attempt to avoid conflicts with other activities will be made. Attendance is required for Advanced Band Members. 

Recordings from 2018

National Fencibles March

Fantasy on An African American Spiritual


Recordings from 2016

The Washington Post March

Our Kingsland Spring

Colliding Visions

Other activities for students in Advanced Band include:
Fall Social (September)
Fundraiser event (October)
Spring Social (February/March)
More information about these events can also be found on the 'calendar' page of this website.