The ReCiPe methods are included in major LCA softwares and databases like the software SimaPro and the ecoinvent database. The characterisation factors are also available as a MS Excel spreadsheet with midpoint and endpoint characterisation factors.



Each method (midpoint, endpoint) contains factors according to the three cultural perspectives. These perspective represent a set of choices on issues like time perspective or expectations that proper management or future technology development can avoid future damages.

  • Individualist: short term, optimism that technology can avoid many problems in future.
  • Hierarchist: consensus model, as often encountered in scientific models, this is often considered to be the default model.
  • Egalitarian: long term based on precautionary principle thinking.


The Information in this method and these files may be used, provided you always give a reference to its origin and the download date.

We suggest you use the following reference:

ReCiPe Mid/Endpoint method, version 1.08 December 2012


The method was last updated in July 2012 and does not contain any known errors. There is however always the possibility that new errors will be found.

If updates to the ReCiPe method are available, this will be posted on the LCA Discussion list, you can subscribe here

Carbon Uptake

Please note that in The ReCiPe method we changed the way we deal with Carbon uptake. In SimaPro we do take the uptake of biotic CO2 plus the release of this carbon into account, just as this was done in ecoinvent up to version 1.2. ecoinvent changed this and now ignores the uptake, but also does not include the release of biotic CO2 and CO. We follow the latter principle in ReCiPe and most other SimaPro methods. For a cradle to grave LCA the result is the same, for a cradle to gate it is not.

Import instructions 

SimaPro users with a valid service contract received an update which includes the most recent ReCiPe methods. It is recommended to apply that update.

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