Old LCHS Insectary                                         Cyphocleonus achates (Knapweed root boring weevil)
Project Information
The main focus of the LCHS BioControl Program is to find environmentally safe and efficient means of controlling the noxious weed population in Lincoln County, Montana.  We focus on the capture and release of insects such as Cyphocleonus achates, weevils which bore into the roots of Spotted Knapweed, as well as, Larinus minutus and obstusus, which eat Spotted Knapweed seed heads.  We also educate the public on control methods for the outbreak of noxious weeds in the area. We emphasize the integration of several weed management styles.

Site created by Student Employees:

    Summer 2010-11: Bryce Bartmess, Rob McClure, and James Mepham

2012: Trestin Benson, Colton Henrie, Kathryn Stein, Galen                Sullivan, and James Mepham

    Summer 2013: Kathryn Stein, Galen Sullivan, and James Mepham

    Summer 2014: Dawson Henrie, Garrett McNeil, and James Mepham

    Summer 2015: Trestin Benson

    Summer 2016: Peyton Benson, Hunter Carvey, and Andrew Mepham 

    Summer 2017: Peyton Benson, and Hunter Carvey

Larinus minutus (Knapweed seed head feeding weevil)


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