Garden Project Ideas

Not sure where to start? We've created a quick amazon shopping list of items you could use to create a "Salad Garden" for your class.  The items on this list are organic and non-GMO. Many can be found locally, but these are free-shipping if you want to save yourself the trip.

We've included two types of starter pots so you can start the seeds in your classroom - one comes with pods in a plastic tray (convenient but slightly less environmentally friendly).  The other option is some starter pots that you can add soil too. Both options have enough slots of every kid in the class to pick a seed type to plant. (Do a couple seeds in each for best survival chances! then thin to the best looking one).  This could be the first couple lessons; count seeds, plant seeds, seed anatomy, measure sprout height; depending on class level.

Once they are a couple inches tall, you can weed your outdoor garden bed and transplant them. Weed and check on them regularly. Older classes can graph their growth. 
You'll need stakes for tomatoes or sweet peas as they get taller.
Good luck - and post any questions you have to the FaceBook page or by email to!  We'll be sure to answer!

Links to Activity Ideas

The following sites also have some good information on gardening with children:

Let us know if you know of other resources to include here and watch for updates!

LCH Garden Map

LCH Garden Map