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Interesting and Useful Links

FOLKJAM.ORG   If you're going traveling with your instrument and think you  might like to check out some other jam sessions around the country this website will let you search them out. Easy to use, well set up, and a great source of information.

OPENMIKES.ORG   This is a great site if you are into attending "Open Mike Nights" in your home area or on the road. The listings are usually up to date and the search is really easy to use.

CHORDIE.COM   This really well done site will let you search by either song title or artist to find song lyrics along with chord charts and/or tabs. It will store your song list so you don't have to look up any song more than once. There is one drop box that will transpose the chords up or down up to 5 half steps with chord diagrams and another that will change those chord diagrams th those for anything from left handed guitar to those for a plectrum banjo. There is also a very complete chord chart available. There are around 250,000 songs available. Someone put a lot of work into this site.

AUDACITY   This is a FREE down loadable multi-track recorder for your computer. Very easy to use, files can be saved to MP3 format. Make your own CD for your friends.