Welcome to the webpage for the Living Coast Discovery Center's Educational Programs! On this page, you will find everything you need to prepare your students for their field trip. 

For latest on program cancellations and what preventative measures we are taking: https://www.thelivingcoast.org/coronavirus-update/


School or Chartered Bus
Reserve the buses with your district as soon as possible to ensure availability. The gate code has changed to 9658#. Please have your bus driver go through the gate and pull up to our drop off circle. Buses are encouraged to pull up to the farthest point in the circle to accommodate multiple schools/groups that may be arriving and DO NOT block our shuttle drop off. 

There is a strict 15 mph speed limit that must be adhered to while on the refuge. We have sensitive wildlife near the roads. Failure to comply may result in a warning or ticket issued by Federal Wildlife Service Officers. 

ALL CHAPERONE & PARENT DRIVERS MUST PARK IN OUR PARKING LOT AND WAIT FOR THE SHUTTLE (starting at 9:50 am). No parents, teachers or chaperones will be allowed to park on the refuge grounds. Please make sure all chaperones are aware.

Public Transportation or Walking to Trolley Station

The Living Coast Discovery Center is no longer able to provide shuttle service to the E-street Trolley station. If you were planning to come by trolley or walking – please plan accordingly. The station is walking distance, but it is up to your discretion.

If you need to cancel, change, or modify your reservation, please contact the education department at 619-409-5908 immediately.

What to Bring
1. Prepared Students
    • Click here to see a very physically prepared student.
      • Our programs happen rain or shine, so ensure that your group is prepared for any inclement weather
    • Go over our Museum Manners with your students and chaperones to ensure the best experience possible
    • Please use the link to your specific program, located to the left, to prepare your students mentally and learn how to best split your class(es) into groups before you arrive.
2. Payment
    • Living Lab Program costs: 
      • $10/student
      • 1 free adult (teacher or parent)/10 students
      • Additional adults $12
      • + $25 docent-guided tour fee
    • Preschool Program costs: 
      • $8/student
      • 1 free adult (teacher or parent)/6 students
      • Additional adults $10
    • Self-Guided costs: 
      • $7.20/student
      • 1 free adult (teacher or parent)/10 students
      • Additional adults $11.20
      • + $25 docent-guided tour fee
Please note there are no coupons, memberships, or discounts accepted for programs & admission costs. All students & chaperones must pay the program fees (unless covered under a pre-approved sponsorship/grant, see below). 

3. Helpful Chaperones
    • We usually recommend that you bring 4 chaperones with you, but you know your students and chaperones best so it is completely up to you to decide your total number. Please bring at least one chaperone with you.
    • We ask that the chaperones do not bring siblings. We want the chaperones to be able to have their full attention on your students and the program.
4. Lunch (if applicable)
  • We provide backpack racks, as available, for each school or group to store their stuff. 
  • We also will show you where your designated lunch space is located. Please, keep your students in the assigned lunch spaces as we have other guests and groups to accommodate.

5. Printed Scavenger Hunts
  • Our scavenger hunts fluctuate to reflect any changes made in our exhibits. Please print out the scavenger hunts no more than a week before your field trip, to get the latest version (see below).

6. Completed Pre-test (if applicable)
  • You must have already applied and received a confirmation email for sponsored field trips.
  • Please carefully read your acceptance letter and have students complete the pre-test (see below).

No-Waste Picnic
Make your lunch here eco-friendly! Add these fliers into your field trip packet that you send home with your students and encourage them to bring reusable items instead of consumables.

Scavenger Hunt
Clipboards and pencils will be provided at the Living Coast. Please print out copies of the grade-appropriate scavenger hunt one week before and bring them with you on the day of your field trip.

Sponsorship Information
(For schools that have applied and received funding through a sponsorship. Please refer to your acceptance letter and verify you are downloading the correct tests.)

  • Pre and Post tests are required for all sponsorships to the Living Coast Discovery Center. Students should complete the pre-tests prior to the field trip. Failure to do so, will result in us cancelling your field trip. 
  • Post tests should be completed no more than two weeks after your field trip. It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that these are completed. Failure to complete both tests will result in the loss of your sponsorship and your school will be held accountable for field trip costs.

Port Sponsorships (Watershed Sponsorship):

    USFWS Sponsorships (Refuge or Refuge w/ Planting Sponsorships)
    *Please email education@thelivingcoast.org if you are taking the Spanish version so we can accurately track you.

    Be sure to thank our wonderful partners! 
    Letters from the students are much appreciated!
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