Just imagine....safely biking, running or taking a stroll to friends or family without worrying about the highway traffic!

Where are we going?

Our vision was to link the Lawrencetown subdivisions of Keltic Gardens & Carter Roman, to Ross Road and ultimately hooking up to the trails of Cole Harbour.

Where we have gone!

Well the plan is still the same, however we started at the Cole Harbour end of the trail vision.  This was mostly due to the quick approval of the land use on the Old Lawrencetown Road, so we ran with it!

2 sections of the trail completed, check out the photos

If your up for the challenge, drop us a line;

Note: The map line indicates communities being connected,not the actual trail route.

Trail Planning Phases

Phase 1 – Old Lawrencetown Road 

    Section (A & B) Cole Harbour to Coleridge completed

    Section C   started    

Phase 2 – Ross Road to Keltic Gardens

Phase 3 – Keltic Gardens to Carter Roman Division

Phase 4 – Flying Cloud to Salt Marsh Trail