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IETF 80 - Preparation Meeting

o) Meeting Information 
  • Goals: 
    • Community building and consensus building on problem statement and identified challenges
    • Assess level of interest to initiate research on these problems/challenges
    • Determine if IRTF is the right place to conduct research work to address (some of) them
    • Estimate readiness for opening an IRTF Research Group
  • Related IETF area: RTG (routing area)
  • Meeting date/time: Mar.30th, 2011 from 8:00 to 10:00PM (2 hours)
  • Meeting room: Karlin I (Hilton Hotel)
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o) Agenda
  • Introduction by chairs (estimated: 5min)
  • Part 1: What are the problems/challenges we are trying to solve/address? (estimated: 25min)
  • Part 3: Draft charter (estimated: 20min)
    • Presentation of the draft charter (including proposed organisation)
    • Discussion on draft charter
  • Part 4: Future plans and timing + Getting a sense from the room (estimated: 10min)

o) Draft Charter
o) Related Documents