Welcome to the Laurel - Concord - Coleridge Counselor Website.

The school counselor functions as a primary student advocate within the school community by challenging, encouraging, and supporting students. Counseling services include individual and group counseling; conferences with students, parents and faculty; student assessments; college planning; financial aid and career information consultation; and coordinating referral services. On a day- to- day basis, the counselor is also available to deal with crisis situations that need immediate attention.   Please feel free to contact the counselor's office with any questions or concerns.

Current To Do List:

Class Registration for 2017-18 will be August 1st  2nd  and 3rd.

                                                                            Office Hours by Location:

                                Laurel -Concord-Coleridge High School - M, T, W.  F. - 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

                                                                 Phone : 402-256-3731

                                Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Middle School  - Thursday  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

                                                                 Phone: 402-283-4844      
                                                                 Email:  dibaker@laurel.esu1.org

Stay on Track for Graduation                        Top 3 for Scholarships

English - 4 years                                             1) GPA
Social Sciences - 4 years                                2) ACT - take 4 x
Science - 3 years                                            3)  At least one extracurricular
Math - 3 years
Physical Education/ health - 1 year
16 hours of Community Service

Core Courses Offerings:
English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12 or English 1010-1020 for College credit

Science:  Physical Science (9) Biology (10) Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics, Forensic Science, Health                                 Science/Medical Terminology (11) (12)  Note: must take a science course in11th grade.

Social Science: World History (9), American History (10), American Government (11), Economics (12)
         Optional College Credit Courses from NECC Early Entry or UNL Nebraska Now.

Math: Algebra I (8) (9), Algebra A/B (9), Practical Geometry or Geometry (9) (10), Algebra II or Standards Math,                 or  Advanced Math (11) Calculus (12).

Physical Education:  1 year with Health - required.

Total Credits Needed: 250

Note:   In order to take College Credit course work from NECC, the student must maintain a 3.0             and be 16 years of age or demonstrate exceptional academic ability.
            UNL Nebraska Now accepts students in grades 9-12 with a 3.0.  GPA earned through                    college must be at least a 2.0.  Poor performance on these classes could affect future financial aid eligibility.

ACT scores required for LCC college credit courses:

English 1010 /1020 -  18 in reading and English ( if student takes this class they must take for College Credit)
Advanced Math - 21 in Math - ( college credit not mandatory)
Calculus - 23 in Math  ( college credit not mandatory)

Last minute tips for seniors from Educationquest.

2017 Senior - Fall Timeline 
  • Check graduation progress
  • Retake the ACT and/or SAT
  • Take December ACT Test!
  • • Colleges use your best score for admission 
  • and scholarships.
  • Narrow your list of colleges.
  • • Continue campus visits.
  • • Meet with college reps at College Fairs or at your school. See Upcoming 
  • • Apply for a Fafsa ID at 
  • https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm
  •  (student and parent)
  • FAFSA can completed by Oct 1.
  • events at EducationQuest.org for details.
  • Apply to College days at LCC Oct 24,25.
  • Request letters of recommendation for scholarship 
  • and college applications.
  • Apply to 3-4 colleges.

Senior Timeline - continued

  • • Application deadlines are typically in 
  • December-January.
  • Update your Activities Resume at EducationQuest.org.
  • Apply for LOTS of scholarships. (Look on guidance page) and ask your school counselor, as well as
  • the college you plan to attend
  • Check graduation progress
  • Complete FAFSA If you have not
  • • For additional help, contact Educationquest at
  • 888-666-3721
  • Watch for acceptance notifications from colleges 
  • you applied to.  CHECK YOUR EMAILS
  • Log into your college account for tasks to complete
  • Follow up on housing and pay deposits.
  • Continue to apply for scholarships