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Why Lambda Chi Alpha?

One of the strongest aspects of membership in Lambda Chi Alpha is the True Brother program. True Brother is the new Brotherhood Development Initiative for Lambda Chi Alpha. It is a conceptual framework that organizes the formal education and experiential learning of Associate and Initiated members throughout their undergraduate years. True Brother is designed to provide the structure, content, and process for a member's journey from Associate Member to Brother for Life. It is the vehicle by which members adopt the personal identity of the True Brother, and it is the holistic means by which Lambda Chi Alpha accomplishes its organizational mission and realizes its strategic vision. True Brother represents a fundamental shift in the way we view our undergraduate chapters, away from a focus on organizational structure, as represented by the Standards for Chapter Excellence program, and toward a strategically aligned system that focuses on individual member development.

One might wonder what else sets Lambda Chi Alpha apart from other fraternities. The answer is, quite a bit! The depth, power, and mysticism of Lambda Chi's ceremonies and lessons are truly enthralling. Take a look at our Coat of Arms. When compared to those of other fraternal organizations it is evident that Lambda Chi offers something unique.  Each and every one of these symbols carries with it a powerful meaning that you will have the privilege of discovering should you become a brother.  Although Lambda Chi Alpha is based on Christian ideals, it is open to all walks of life and we believe these ideals transcend religious difference, and are not particular to the Christian faith. In fact, Lambda Chi has been noted for its vast diversity from chapter to chapter