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Associate Membership

Pledging vs. Associate Membership
In Lambda Chi Alpha, we do not have pledges. Instead, we call our new members Associate Members. These members have all of the rights and privileges of a brother except they cannot vote on membership and they cannot hold the office of High Phi (Ritualist). We believe that Associate Members have the right to wear our fraternity letters, hold officer positions, and vote on issues that come up in the fraternity.

The True Brother Initiative
Our version of fraternity education is called the True Brother Initiative. Every member of the fraternity goes through it once a semester. In fraternity education we explore the meaning of our 7 core values (LDRSHIP).

Associate Membership Ceremony
When someone accepts a bid to join our fraternity, he goes through a ceremony that we call the Associate Membership Ceremony. This ceremony is completely open to the public and we encourage family members and friends to attend.