In Memory Of

This page is in memory of the brothers of Phi-Delta Zeta who have passed away: 

David "Coz" Fischer, ΦΔ 2

Bill Shipman, ΦΔ 29
Bill wasn’t just witty; he also had a lot of empathy for everyone he met. You could see it in his face and hear it in his voice as he encountered some poor soul on the street.  While the rest of us would have have a hard time resisting the urge to judge some tragic person we’d see, you could see his face fill with concern as he instantly put himself in the person’s place.  Now some of you, might take issue with what I just said.  He didn’t let everyone see that side of him and he would more often than not put on the persona of “Bitter Bill” but that was mostly to vent personal frustration or for our amusement.  One other aspect of his intellect – he would very often be “in the zone”.  When Bill got in the zone, it would be hard to communicate with him.  At first, people might think he “was out of it” but in reality, he was giving his undivided attention to what he was working on or thinking about – something very few people can do.  Sort of the opposite of attention deficit disorder.  I guess we first saw it when Bill would play pinball or video games or working on the motorcycle but he also used to his advantage for more constructive goals.  This intellect allowed him to receive a 4.0 in graduate school at Pepperdine University, to co-write a software book and to have an amazing career in computers.
                -Written by Doug Hoffman, Phi-Delta 5

John Flister, ΦΔ 181
The Phi Delta Zeta Scholarship Fund came about as a result of our most recent loss, John Flister. It was established to provide money for colege for the family members of alumni. In this case John is survived by three children, the oldest of which will be attending Towson University in the fall.

John Flister, Phi Delta 181, was initiated in the Spring of 1989 as part of a class of 10 Associate Members. He held the office of Ritualist as a Senior at UMBC and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science in 1990. He later obtained a master's degree from St. John’s College in 1993.

John believed deeply in the principles and ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha. While a student, he worked at the University Shuttle Department, often helping to arrange transportation for Fraternity functions even many years after his own graduation. John was tall and strong and passionate about his own beliefs but also very sensitive and extremely idealistic. He saw the world through the eyes of medieval knights and damsels in distress. He was very easy going but hard headed at the same time. Everybody liked John and for the most part he was probably a lot more mature, having joined the fraternity as a Senior, than most of the rest of the undergrads in the chapter at that time, myself included. The last time I heard from John was during the planning of the 30th Anniversary White Rose Formal, when he sent me an email and ended it with the expression, "Angels on your shoulders". I don't know what that meant but that is how I remember John.
                -Written by Ralph Rodriguez, Phi-Delta 165

Shane Gay, ΦΔ  382