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White Rose

Listed below are the awards that are given to members for their contributions to Lambda Chi Alpha, UMBC, and the community at large. Each award is given out once a year at our fraternity formal, the White Rose.

Alumnus of the Year Award: 

The award is presented to an alumnus whom the undergraduate chapter feels has done the most to exemplify the true meaning of brotherhood.

Cross and Crescent Award: 

Presented to an active member in the chapter, whom the chapter feels has routinely gone unrecognized for his accomplishments and services in the fraternity. This is the second year that an award of this type is presented. The award is named after the two most precious symbols of the Fraternity. The Cross represents unselfish service and undying sacrifice for the good of brotherhood and mankind. The Crescent represents the highest ideals of the Fraternity and serves as a symbol of high moral standards that every person should strive to achieve in their life.

David H. "Coz" Fischer Award: 

The most prestigious award in the chapter is named after David H. “Coz” Fischer, Phi-Delta 2, a Founding Father of our Chapter and our first High Alpha. He was a tutor to orphans, a teacher to mentally impaired adults, a volunteer Big Brother, and a counselor to juvenile and adult offenders. Dave was a member of the Fencing Club, a marathon runner, and along with Founders, Ted Van Hessen and Michel Desloover, he won the Chancellor’s award for rescuing students from a dormitory fire. He was a dedicated Fraternity Educator and Fundraising Chair for the chapter. His belief in the power of brotherly love was evident in his effective and efficient style of leadership. What Dave, Ted and Michel started more than 30 years ago, has now grown to become an exclusive membership of almost 365 gentlemen who hold themselves to the highest academic and moral standards. In 1982, Dave was awarded the chapter’s first Brother of the Year award. At the age of 24, Dave died of cancer. He leaves us with his wife, Diane, and two sons, Jacob and Nathan, for whom we have started a fund to help with their higher education.

Delta Pi Award: 

The winner of the Delta Pi Award is selected annually by the new members of the chapter. The award is given to the brother who has reached out to each of the new members during their Associate Membership and offered them the constant guidance, support, and encouragement that exemplifies Lambda Chi Alpha.

Diversity Award: 

This award was donated to the chapter as a jeweled brother badge. The brother that receives this award must represent the meaning of acceptance of diversity in the fraternity. This brother understands the ideals of brotherly love and actively accepts all brothers regardless of difference.

High Zeta Award: 

The High Zeta is the collective name of our chapter’s officers. This award is given to the officer who has exhibited exemplary service and leadership during his term in office.

Kalepa Ta Kala Award: 

An open motto meaning: “Naught without labor” or “that which is worthwhile is difficult.” This award goes to the member who has shown the most philanthropic effort while maintaining a balance of time for school and fraternity with hard work.

Zeta Alpha Chi Award: 

The Zeta Alpha Chi Award is presented to the most outstanding new member of the year.