Common Terms

Below are some of the terms commonly used in Lambda Chi Alpha:

Active Member - an undergraduate member of a chapter who is in good standing. An active member may be an associate member or an initiated brother

Alumni Brother - an initiated brother of Lambda Chi Alpha who is no longer enrolled in undergraduate studies

Associate Member - In Lambda Chi Alpha, we do not have pledges. Instead, we call our new members Associate Members. These members have all of the rights and privileges of a brother except they cannot vote on membership and they cannot hold the office of High Phi (Ritualist). We believe that Associate Members have the right to wear our fraternity letters, hold officer positions, and vote on issues that come up in the fraternity.

Bid - an invitation to become an Associate Member of Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi-Delta Zeta

Big Brother - the person who serves as a special guide and counselor for a member of Lambda Chi Alpha

Chapter - a group of undergraduate members, officially chartered and recognized by Lambda Chi Alpha, at a given college or university. See "Zeta"

Conclave - a region of Lambda Chi Alpha in North America, and an annual leadership conference within each region, usually during the spring semester

Fraternity - an organization of college students and alumni; from the Latin noun fraternitas meaning "brotherhood"

General Fraternity - the organization consisting of all the active bodies of Lambda Chi Alpha, including chapters, colonies, alumni organizations, Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee, and the professional staff

Hazing — any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce physical discomfort or mental discomfort by embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is strictly forbidden in Lambda Chi Alpha

Initiation - the act of being initiated, the ceremony of admission into Lambda Chi Alpha, the Initiation Ritual

Legacy - a relative of a member of Lambda Chi Alpha

Member - a man who holds membership in Lambda Chi Alpha. Used to refer to associate members as well as initiated brothers

North American Food Drive (NAFD) -Lambda Chi Alpha's international philanthropic project, typically held on the first Saturday of November

Phi-Delta Zeta - the name of the UMBC chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity

Prospective Member - a student considering membership in Lambda Chi Alpha, or a student that a chapter is interested in becoming a brother

Recruitment - the process of seeking out individuals to become new members of Lambda Chi Alpha

Rush Week - a week consisting of free events and activities for members and potential members to learn about each other and the fraternity

Ritual - an official ceremony of Lambda Chi Alpha that is intended to turn ideal behavior into action behavior

Zeta - a term used to refer to individual chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha