About Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha is a Brotherhood built on human vision, need, understanding, idealism, and love. Above all, it is built on a series of honest friendships, which go beyond the walls of college and bloom into a lifelong brotherhood. A common phrase that our fraternity uses is:

Not Four Years, For Life!

Lambda Chi Alpha internationally is the third largest collegiate fraternity, and Phi-Delta Zeta at UMBC was the first general men's fraternity on campus. Our more than 440 initiated brothers have included men of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious faiths.

As a Lambda Chi, you will be part of a team, but respected as an individual. You will be expected to act as a gentleman, but encouraged to have a good time. You will be expected to get the most from your academic studies, but enjoy a well-rounded college experience. But most importantly, you will be given the opportunity to meet your best friends for life.

For more information about our international organization, please visit http://www.lambdachi.org/.