About Phi-Delta Zeta

Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is comprised of several chapters at different universities across the United States and Canada. Each chapter is named by one or more Greek letters, followed by the word Zeta. The UMBC chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha is known as Phi-Delta Zeta.

Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi-Delta Zeta began in 1979 as a dream shared between three young men: Ted Van Hessen, David Fischer, and Michel Desloover. Together they sought out like-minded individuals of outstanding moral character, and their dream spread to eighteen other men. The UMBC chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was designated Phi-Delta Zeta and chartered on May 5, 1979. It was the first culturally diverse fraternity on campus and is currently one of the oldest Greek organizations at UMBC.

Since the beginning, Phi-Delta Zeta was a pioneer in the Greek world. On October 1, 1980, Phi-Delta Zeta and Mrs. Eileen Stevens, a woman whose son died when Klan Alpine fraternity at Alfred University forced him to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, appeared on the Baltimore WJZ TV-13 program "People Are Talking". This show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Richard Sher, helped to raise awareness of the anti-hazing movement and helped bring attention to anti-hazing legislation. This zero-tolerance policy towards hazing continues today.

In 2006, Phi-Delta Zeta was selected as a test group for Lambda Chi Alpha's True Brother education program. The True Brother program was a revolutionary idea in the Greek Community. This program focuses on teaching new members of the Seven Core Values of Lambda Chi Alpha, which are based off of the United States Army's leadership program. The Seven Core Values form the acronym LDRSHIP, which stands for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service and Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Phi-Delta Zeta successfully implemented the program and continues to serve as an example of True Brotherhood today.

Phi-Delta Zeta has earned many accolades and awards since its formation in 1979. To date, Phi-Delta Zeta has collected over twenty tons of food for the annual North American Food Drive. In 2010, Phi-Delta Zeta hosted Lambda Chi Alpha's Annual Atlantic Conclave, with over seventy members of Lambda Chi Alpha from seventeen universities in attendance.

The members of Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi-Delta Zeta, form a culturally diverse brotherhood that is founded on the highest moral standards. The brothers of Phi-Delta Zeta accept all members, regardless of creed, religion, or sexual orientation. We encourage you to explore our website and to contact us for more information.