Welcome to my e-Portfolio.  This e-Portfolio was created to store my artifacts and reflections from the Technology Leadership, Master Degree Program in Educational Technology,  at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  I hope that you can see the growth of knowledge that I have taken from my educational journey as you examine this e-Portfolio.  Since beginning this journey, I have become a Business, Computer Science, Technology Applications teacher at Axtell High School.  You will notice that many of my reflections have matured with the time that I have spent as a teacher and facilitator of a 21st century classroom.

The links on the left sidebar will take you through my educational journey; I will begin and end my journey with my educational philosophy. 

Next, you will see that I have grouped my Blog, Wiki, and Website links on one page to make viewing them easier.  In most of the Technology Courses, I created an online site of some sort.  As you can see on this page, many reflections and much growth occurred through the use and creation of those sites.  

Next, I have displayed some Samples of my technology skills.  In the beginning, many technology skills were created as artifacts for the learning that occurred in my Educational Technology courses, but later these artifacts became examples for me to use in the classroom with my own students.

Below the Technology Skills, I have a place for Research and Writing, and then my Reflections.  These areas show the greatest growth in my learning over time.  I also have my Official Documents and Professional Development attached. Below the reflections, I begin a more personal area to the E-Portfolio. In this area, you will find my cover letter, Resume, and a schedule of the classes that I teach.

Finally, I have rounded out my e-Portfolio with some samples of my student's work.  I am still surprised daily at how much they learn from me. 

Thank you for taking the time to review my e-Portfolio and congratulations on a wonderful Educational Technology program that serves to produce knowledgeable teachers for the great state of Texas.

Lynn Burleigh


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