Self Striping Yarn



 I used these two wonderful sites as reference: See Eunny Knit! and Streets and YOs

Step 1: Figure out your gauge

for a pair of socks knit out of my yarn of choice (Knit Picks Bare-Superwash in Worsted Weight) I calculated that I would need about 38" for each row. For instructions on how to do this refer to the websites listed above.

I decided to have 2 rows of yellow, 4 rows of green and then 3 rows of blue, so do the math and that gives me 78" yellow, 158" green and 118" blue for a total of 344" (9 rows) -- or something close to that, I kept changing my mind so the numbers are all a bit off

Step 2: Make a HUGE skein




Using Eunny's suggestion, I used a floor lamp as one end of my super sized knitty-noddy. lacking a second floor lamp I used the handle of the vacuum cleaner on the other end. CAUTION: do not use a lamp for this step unless you are certain that it is very stable. mine fell over and broke. glass everywhere. thankfully I already had my vacuum out and handy.

Step 3: Tie loops of yarnwhere the color should change

I found it very difficult to accurately measure my huge skein to determine where the color changes should be. Maybe if I wasn't using a (broken) lamp it would have worked better and been less droopy. Or if I had a larger living room.

Step 4: Dye the yarn!!!

I used Cushings Blue and Hunter Green and Country Classics Maize plus a dash of vinegar

Step 5: Rinse, Dry, Wind, Admire

Step 6: Knit

Re-Soleable sock pattern from Interweave's Favorite Socks book-- I love this pattern and this book.

Self Striped Yarn # 2

Pleased with my first attempt at dyeing self striping yarn, I have been inspired to do it again. This time, I am using a much thinner fingering weight yarn, and shorter repeats of the color. This won't truly be "self striping" because the color repeats are so short that they won't actually create stripes. Hopefully the finished yarn will be appropriate for knitting felted bowls and bud vases.

According to the pattern, the three colors should fit into a row of about 50 stitches. Based on my gauge swatch, 50 stitches should take about 50inches. I wound my yarn into a 50inch skein and tied it off into thirds (16-17 inches each).

Inspired by Knit Picks' Memories in "Pansy" I am using Cushings "Purple", "Buttercup Yellow" and a mixture of Cushings "Purple" and Country Classics "Wild Iris"

UNC Socks

Pattern: Resolable Sock pattern from Interweave's Favorite Socks
Yarn: Cascade Superwash half left undyed (white) and the other half dyed with a mix of Cushings Royal Blue and Country Classics ??


Chris loved his blue, green and yellow striped socks so as soon as they were off the needles I dyed up a bunch of yarn in UNC colors to celebrate his getting into the UNC medical school (and as a valentines day present).  I dyed the yarn basically the same as before except that the skein was much smaller (no broken lamps!) because each color stripe is only one row long. I like the way that the skinny stripes look, especially since it is such thick yarn for socks (worsted weight), but the problem w/ doing one row stripes w/ self striping yarn is that its impossible to be 100% accurate with your dyeing or your knitting so sometimes the rows overlap a little where they aren't supposed to and, since its just one row, its noticeable. You live you learn. 

Since I have enjoyed this resoleable sock pattern so much, and am looking forward to trying more of the sock patterns in this book, I have joined the Favorite Socks Knit-Along!