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On this page we provide LBT activites with authorisation by Dr. Elliot D. Cohen, President of Logic-Based Therapy & Consultation Institute , USA.

Taiwan Logic-Based Therapy Institute


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About projects between

Taiwan Logic-Based Therapy Institute

and Logic-Based Therapy & Consultation Institute


  1. We provide practicers for Philosophical Practice in Taiwan and with connextion and MOU with Logic-Based Therapy & Consultation Institute, and establish Asian-Pacific connections.

  1. We promote activities on LBT in the world.

Newest conference information: Feb. 11-12, 2022, 4th International Conference on Philosophical Counseling and Practice, Feb. 11-12, 2022. By NPCA, USA. https://npcassoc.org/conferences/

  1. We promote books and researches on LBT to the world.

Prof. Elliot Cohen's newest books:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Those Who Say They Can’t: A Workbook for Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Thoughts, 1st Version, by Elliot Cohen (Author)

Cognitive Behavior Interventions for Self Defeating Thoughts: Helping Clients to Overcome the Tyranny of “I Can’t” 1st Version, by Elliot Cohen (Author)


Taiwan Philosophical Counseling Association


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Taiwan activities:

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Books traslated in Chinese in Taiwan LBT Institute:

Author: Dr. Elliot D. Cohen


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    • Critical Thinking (trans. by Ding Fan)

    • What Aristotle will do? (trans. by Ms. Tsai Shu-wen)

  • Dutiful Worrier, (trans. by Dr. Angela Hui-Mei Lee)