LBS COUNTRY CLUB was introduced to service the dedicated fans and supporters of The LBS label and associated artists. LBS recognises and values the loyal following of the labels unique sound and selected quality independent artists, therefore it was appropriate to look after our dedicated music lovers by establishing the club for them. Many members have been following the label for over 20 years. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB sells CD’s direct to its membership with no postage and handling charges applied. LBS Distribution sells CD’s for over 200 Australian Country Music Artists including all the major releases from the LBS team and many other independent albums. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB offers inclusive self-contained sites to its membership during the Tamworth Country Music Festival ‘Platinum Ticket’ holders. These tickets are only $200 for 5 Multi-artist concerts plus 2 weeks accomodation at LBS MUSICLAND. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB members receive discounts on all pre-purchased festival tickets. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB receives additional discounts on CD titles when attending The Lindsay Butler & Shaza Leigh Show. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB members may subscribe to this news site and receive notifications when important announcements are released. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB membership are welcome to stay at LBS MUSICLAND when visiting Tamworth any time of the year. Only a nominal donation is attached to this facility and all donations are used for improvements to LBS MUSICLAND so all members may benefit. This home away from home is on 27 acres within the Tamworth city limits. Country living in the city. 

The LBS COUNTRY CLUB membership is FREE. Simply click on link and join today. 


LBS MUSIC GROUP proprietors, Lindsay Butler & Shaza Leigh. 

Established in 1994, LBS Music celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2018 with the opening of its new complex in Tamworth. 

LBS MUSICLAND on Whitehouse Lane will open its gates to members looking for a restful parkland to stay whilst visiting Australia’s Country Music Capital. 

Join now to become valued members and guests of the LBS COUNTRY CLUB.