LBP'2014 Workshop

Welcome to the website of ECCV 2014 Second International Workshop on Computer Vision With Local Binary Patterns Variants (LBP'2014)

September 6th, 2014

Latest News:
  • Camera ready due by JULY 26
  • Decision notification sent out!!!!
  • Online submission site is open (submission deadline = 5 July 2014 (Extended!!, no more extensions!!))!
  • The workshop proceeding will be published by Springer
  • We are pleased to announce that there will be a "best paper award", sponsored by keyLemon 

  • The  Second International Workshop on Computer Vision With Local Binary Pattern Variants will be held in Zurich, on September 6th, in conjunction with The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2014).

LBP'2014 Workshop

Recent developments showed that the LocalBinary Pattern (LBP) method provides outstanding results in different computer vision applications. LBP is a simple and efficient operator unifying statistical and structural approaches in texture analysis. It is a powerful gray-scale invariant measure, derived from a general definition of texture in a local neighborhood. Due to its discriminative power and computational simplicity, LBP has become a highly popular approach in various computer vision applications, including facial image analysis, visual inspection, image retrieval, remote sensing, biomedical image analysis, biometrics, motion analysis, environment modelling, and outdoor scene analysis. Especially the use of LBP in biomedical applications and biometric recognition systems has grown rapidly in recent years. LBP has been highly successful in numerous applications around the world and has inspired plenty of new research on related methods. Since the introduction of the basic LBP operator, several variants and extensions have been proposed to improve the discriminative power and robustness of the operator. The recent emergence of LBP has also led to significant progress in applying texture methods to various computer vision problems and applications. Motivated by the great success of the first LBP 2012 workshop which was held in South-Korea in conjunction with ACCV 2012, this second workshop aims to provide more practical issues (through demonstrations) and discuss the most recent developments on the use of LBP and its variants in computer vision. This workshop will provide a stimulating space for researchers to hear and discuss the recent advances in the field. The participants will also benefit from direct interaction with pioneers of LBP. A bibliography of LBP-related research and links to many papers (by mid 2011) can be found here.


Submission deadline:  5 July, 2014
Manuscripts should be submitted as PDF files and should be no more than 14 pages!!

Online Submission Site: the LBP2014 online submission site.

Journal Special Issue
A selection of the best papers from the workshop will be invited to submit extended versions to a journal special issue


 About the Previous Edition (LBP'2012)

The first edition of this workshop (LBP 2012) was held in Daejeon, South Korea, on November 5th, 2012, in conjunction with the Asian conference on computer vision (ACCV 2012). The forum was very successful and ranked as the second most popular workshop at ACCV 2012. The workshop received a record number of 45 submissions. Based on thorough reviews by a rich program committee, 13 papers were finally selected. Besides the 13 interesting oral presentations, the workshop also included a keynote speech from a pioneer of LBP (Prof. Matti Pietikäinen) and a best paper award sponsored by KeyLemon - a leading face recognition software company. A special issue was also published in EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing.