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Lorant has over 15 years of IT experience, out of which he spent 8+ years in the banking and finance industry. He was working for over 10 years as consultant in Zurich, Switzerland for large consulting firms (IBM, Infosys, Orbium, Atos) serving dozens of notable clients (UBS, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Swiss cantonal banks, Novartis, Roche, Nestle, SBB, etc.) in several sectors (banking/finance, pharma, consumer goods, transportation).

Lorant has a strong expertise in core banking with key competences in the area of Reporting and Output Management, Credit and Risk. He was working on banking project in different business areas and in various roles, e.g.: business analyst, sub-stream lead, developer, test engineer.

He is a conceptual problem solver, intensely intellectual and logical, often sought out by others to help solve pressing and complex problems. Efficient and pragmatic working style, good time management and strong sense of priorities are his key aptitudes. High flexibility and good communication skills (four fluently spoken languages) have helped him to rapidly adapt to the current constantly changing environments.
Lorant is holding the PhD degree from ETH Zurich and has Master of Science diploma in Computer Science.

Professional experience

2017-2018: UBS, Senior IT business analyst
2016:          Infosys Consulting, Senior consultant
2012-2015: IBM Switzerland, Senior IT Banking consultant

2009-2011: Orbium AG: IT banking consultant

2007-2009: Cambridge Technology Partners: IT consulting

                  Novartis, Roche, Nestlé: Business Analyst

2004-2007: ETH Zurich: PhD studies

2001:         Richter Gedeon Ltd.: Internship

                 Comgenex: Internship

2000:         Praemium Soft Ltd.: Internship


Education, universities

2004-2007: ETH Zurich: PhD Student; Research topic; Talk given; Computer Science and Engineering Report; Doctoral examination

2003-2004: Univeristy of Paderborn: Profile, PASCO Graduate School, Genetic Algorithms in Game Theory - Talk given, PhD list

2002-2003: Technical University of Munich:Faculty of Computer Science, E-mail list

2001:         Eötvös Loránd University: My first homepage

1999-2004: Babes-Bolyai University:

1999-2004: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science: Attended Lectures and Received Grades; Microsoft Windows Operating System (short comparative study in Hungarian on the homepage of Judit Robu)

1999-2002: Faculty of Business Administration


Education, high school

Báthory István High School: My profile



Doctoral, 2007: Quantification of spectral similarity: Towards automatic spectra verification (on ETH Library and on Swissbib), Photo on the Doctoral Awards Ceremony (Promotionsfeier) at ETH Zurich (Zurich, 11.01.2008)

Master, 2004: Financial Time Series Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks

Diploma, 2003: Genetic Algorithms in Game Theory (in Hungarian)


Conferences, workshops

2007: McKinsey Dive Workshop

         Didactic Workshop organized by the Center for Teaching an Learning ETH Zurich

2006: 231st ACS National Meeting: Abstract, Poster

         Cortona Week: Program

2005: Conferentia Chemometrica: Program

2005: NKTH: Photos

2004: Seminar of the PaSCo Graduate School


Scientific articles

2009: Automatic compatibility tests of HSQC NMR spectra with proposed structures of chemical compounds

2007: A novel spectra similarity measure,

         TopNMR: Optimizing scope and accuracy

2006: Novel similarity measure for comparison of spectra



2006: CINF-IO Informatics Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

ACS Announcement

ACS CINF E-News, Vol. 7 No. 2 Spring 2006

CINF Executive Committee Meetings Minutes

IO Informatics Announcement


Spectroscopy Now

Laboratory Informatics

Photo with the presented poster

Photo with the winners of the award

Interests, hobbies

Traveling: 800+ locations in 48 countries (see Google map), more than 500 places (cities, mountains) in Switzerland (see the detailed Google map), approx. 110 locations in Germany (see Google map)

Photographing/Filming: Picasa (old album here), Fotocommunity, Fotohaz, Youtube

Some photos already published in journals:

2006: Hochparterre: Die Bahn erobert die Glattstadt, Photo

2006: Die Wochenzeitung: Heile Welt Universitas, Scanned article

2009: Winner of the Bridges photo contest of the KDB Bank Hungary, Photo is published in the bank's Calendar 2010, Photo was exhibited in October 2009 at the Budapest headcouter of the bank

Sports: cycling, swimming, hiking

Music: Alphaville, Cranberries, Dire Straits, Europe, Nightwish, Queens, Blackmore's Night, Loreena McKennitt, Chris Spheeris, Enya, Kitaro, Richard Clayderman, Vangelis, Yanni, Eros Ramazzotti, Jennifer Rush, Hans Zimmer (best movie soundtracks)

Movies: Gladiator, Flightplan, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Das Boot, Rain Man, The Butterfly Effect

Stamp-collection: several thousand pieces


Blog (experimental, obsolete): http://lbodis.blogspot.com



External Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Science

ETH Alumni

Social business networks: LinkedIn, Xing

Origin of name Lorant

The Hungarian name Lorant (see also this and this-No. 113) is the newer version of Lorand and was derived from the Frank/Germanic name Roland by simply changing the r with l.